3 Ways to Grow Vegetables in Containers

By | November 21, 2017

3 Ways to Grow Vegetables in Containers

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Growing vegetables during the winter is a great way to eat high-quality real food. While there are some challenges to growing vegetables in containers, when done correctly it can be a really rewarding hobby. It keeps you active and gives you options to eat well. Not only do home-grown veggies taste better than store-bought varieties, but they’re also better for you too. If you are looking for the best vegetables to grow in containers we wrote about that the other day.

Growing your own food is also a fun way to save a few bucks. No longer would you have to drive down to the store if you are missing an ingredient. All you need to do is pick from your own plants!

The actual steps to grow veggies in a container are simple enough, but there are a few ways to ensure their success. To help, here you’ll discover 3 best ways to grow veggies in a container.

1. Combine plants to keep away pests

Pests are one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when trying to grow healthy veggies. However, did you know it’s possible to combine different plants in order to keep pests away?

Marigolds are renowned for their ability to repel most pests so you may want to consider adding them to your veggie container. Similarly, some veggies should not be grown together as they tend to attract the same pests such as tomatoes and corn.

2. Place them on a cart

You’ll typically find most veggies need around 6 hours of sunlight to grow properly. If you’re growing peppers or tomatoes, they’ll also need to benefit from plenty of air circulation due to their likelihood of developing diseases.

If you live in a really hot climate, you may need to move the veggies into the shade during the hottest parts of the day. This can be difficult if they’re placed in large containers. So, to help ensure your veggie plants get just the right amount of sunlight, place them on a cart so they’re easier to move around.

3. Always use a large enough container

One of the golden rules of growing veggies is to ensure the container is large enough. Some veggies require a lot more space than others such as potatoes and other root vegetables. If the container isn’t big enough, they won’t be able to thrive.

Overall, the above are 3 of the best ways to grow vegetables in a container. There’s a lot to think about so it’s worth doing as much research as you can on the different types of veggies you want to grow. Provided you know what you’re doing, you’ll soon be enjoying delicious, fresh home-grown veggies.

Would be great to hear how you grow vegetables in a container?

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3 Ways to Grow Vegetables in Containers
Article Name
3 Ways to Grow Vegetables in Containers
3 Ways To Grow Vegetables In Containers. There are challenges. Yet, it can be a great hobby, keeps you active & you get to eat real food.
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