Gluten Free Living | Today We Provide The Basics of Gluten Free Living

By | October 30, 2013

Basics of Gluten Free Living

Are there basics of gluten free living that will benefit you in getting started with your new lifestyle? Yes, there are!  You see as I go about my business each day I can find all kinds of information on gluten free recipes, and how to exercise. Yet the basics of gluten free living are not discussed much.  Insteabasics of gluten free livingd, I hear, read and speak to many people that are just confused on how to move forward successfully in their new gluten free lifestyle without the overwhelm and frustration.

It has me thinking how I can provide the best information to help each person that must live gluten free to achieve health and wellbeing easily.  There are a few basics that most don’t like.  Let me explain.

For better Gluten Free living health and wellbeing, there are basics.

I wrote about the 6 Pillars of Health the other day, Hydrate, Eat, Air, Let Sleep be a part of your plan, Thoughts, Have a plan to move.  These are the basics of Gluten Free Living for health and when living gluten free it doesn’t change.  Yet the marketing and the business of gluten free is confusing so many today!

The Basics of Gluten Free Living is All About Real Food

What I have learned over the past few years is that it is vital for improved health and wellbeing to eat a REAL FOOD diet! It is even better for your health to eat real, organic and local free food if at all possible.  Here is what I mean, you will not improve your health if you continue to eat crap, processed, sugared, cross-contaminated foods. Some may even call this kind of processed foods, Frankenfoods. Never!  It just won’t happen and this is crucial to understand.

Everything that you buy, prepare and eat must be real food with few if any ingredients.  No ingredient label for example.  Why, because this is what nature intended you to eat and in the past few decades, we have outsourced our quality of food choice to manufacturers who don’t really care about your good health.  Again choose REAL FOOD!

 Learn This For Gluten Free Living?

The second thing I have learned is you must slow down!  You must have time to plan, prepare and eat your REAL FOOD in a calm, relaxed environment where you can appreciate how your meals taste. You must also begin to realize how you feel as you eat, most certainly after you eat any meal. This is important because we know today “you are what you eat” and more importantly “you are what you digest.”

You can’t do this if you are constantly in motion, throwing processed food in the microwave, standing at the sink eating a meal. You won’t heal, you won’t move forward to a place of wellness if you don’t begin to slow down.   Most people don’t realize how they feel from what they are eating or how they feel meal to meal.  This has been a very powerful experience for me.  Slow down.  Now I can appreciate this may be a huge challenge considering the gotta have it now the world we live in however it can be done. How you think is going to be the biggest factor here.

Time to Educate on The Basics of Gluten Free Living

Finally, taking the time to educate yourself on the basics of gluten free living.  I mean learning why eating processed gluten free packaged foods are not your best choice for your good health.  Learn why exercise is a must be in your day!  And, most importantly learn why you are so worth the time to go back to the basics of gluten free living!

So we are going back to the basics of gluten free living, will you join us?

One of the best resources for gluten free living is to learn how to cook and we recommend PaleoHacks Cookbook: If you want all the amazing health benefits of the Paleo Diet – including a flat stomach, younger skin and strong, lean muscles – but you’re not sure what to eat each day, GO HERE NOW!   “Give Me Just 15 Minutes And I Will Show You How to Make Over 200 Juicy, Mouth-Watering Paleo Recipes You’ve NEVER Seen or Tasted Before!”

Go ahead share a comment below how you have gone back to the basics of gluten free living.real food

Basics of Gluten Free Living
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Basics of Gluten Free Living
Sometimes you must go back to the basics of gluten free living so that you can move forward to live your best life. The basics are:  
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5 thoughts on “Gluten Free Living | Today We Provide The Basics of Gluten Free Living

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      For sure the gluten free community has grown and is helpful! Thanks for connecting and have you registered for the Gluten Summit?

  1. Peggy Nolan

    Hi Wendy,

    I eat as gluten free as possible. I don’t have any health related issues or allergies to gluten, but I do know that when I eat gluten free, I feel better. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted that she made GF brownies for our women’s healing group meeting – when I first read her post, I thought, “wow…she made Girl Friend brownies…” 🙂 Her gluten free brownies were out of this world fabulous!

  2. Barbara Boser

    I loved this post, and could not agree more! People wonder why they aren’t healthy and why their bodies feel so drained, they need to replenish with real food. Thanks for sharing!


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