Be The Best Gatekeeper – For Your Family

By | January 22, 2013

Be The Best Gatekeeper – For Your Family

I want to share a little secret on how you can be the best gatekeeper for your family.  I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser.  OK, there you have it.   I like The Biggest Loser not because the trainers are killin” the contestants but how some of the contestants begin to transform into Athletes! They change!  I like to see individuals who have never believed they could win at eating well and exercise crush it.  It gives me hope!

Well last night I heard term the “Gatekeeper” for their children.  Biingo’s mom had lost 27 lbs. since her son had been a part of The Biggest Loser kids.  She realised that she was  supposed to be setting the correct example for her child. Biingo’s mom realised that she must be the best gatekeeper for her family no matter what.

Kids Don’t Realise The Harmful Effects of Junk Food

You see  kids don’t know to go out and get the junk food, buckets of ice cream, processed foods as babies and they don’t realise the effects of junk food either. Their parents teach  them to eat those foods.  As adults we coach children to eat crap. Then wonder why so many kids are having the health and weight problems as they grow older like they are having today.

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When the kids become teenagers, young adults or just adults with weight/health problems then everyone around them  seems to think it is perfectly OK to get on their case about losing weight.  In fact all that happens is those kids, teens or adults feel terrible and begin the struggle with their self esteem.

I was one of those kids.   It has taken me years to change all those bad eating habits.  Now I was lucky that I was an athlete as a kid.  At some level I feel it has helped me as I have gotten older to be active, lift weights and teach others to do the same.


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My point is the kids who are on our lives must be given the chance today.  We must be the best “Gatekeepers” for them by NOT giving them sugar, junk food, processed food, Frankenstein foods, soft drinks, sugary drinks.  Just living in this world they will be introduced to all these junky foods soon enough.

It is time that we get the kids moving, playing and exercising.  It is time to be the best “Gatekeeper” for the kids, for the future.  They deserve it.

Will you?  It would be awesome to hear how you will be the best “Gatekeeper” for you, for your kids for the future.

Just in case you are inspired to begin an exercise program I have included a link for the Turbulence Training …Gold Medal Fat Loss Inspired by the Olympics… 

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What tips will you share to be the best gatekeeper for your family?



Be The Best Gatekeeper - For Your Family
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Be The Best Gatekeeper - For Your Family
I really like to see individuals who have never believed they could win at eating well and exercise crush it. Be the best gatekeeper comes from this show
Wendy Bottrell

5 thoughts on “Be The Best Gatekeeper – For Your Family

  1. Beatrice Johnston

    Wendy, This is so true. I grew up skinny, but malnourished because we didn’t eat fruits or vegetables at all. At 16 I became a vegetarian and that started my health quest. I was lucky to find it (nutrition) when I did. Now, I am happy that so many people around me feed off that encouragement. I only hope my niece and nephew, who live hundreds of miles away, pick up on some of the habits I have when they get older. I’m their only health example right now, and not being in the same town as them in order to be an influence for them, makes me anxious sometimes.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Awesome Beatrice that you found your Health Quest! Thanks for connecting and that you are encouraging many around you!

  2. Corinna

    I love the Biggest loser too! This season I work out while watching them work out on a mini jogging tramp. It feels like the trainers are pushing me too. Dropping by from UBC.


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