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By | November 20, 2014

BELLY FAT EFFECT – The Digestion Sessions

Sobelly fat effect I just watched THE BELLY FAT EFFECT: HOW TO TURN YOUR GUT BACTERIA INTO FAT BURNING MACHINES – MIKE MUTZEL, MSC Author, Belly Fat Effect and it was turbocharged with information to improve digestion and help you lose weight!

As I am watching this session it got me thinking that one thing we as humans all have in common is digestion. And for so many of us our digestion is causing us all kinds of issues for how we feel on a daily basis.

Who have you been able to discuss this issue with?

Who is helping you learn how to get the help you really need to move beyond the digestion issues or the belly fat effect?

Well Mike’s session is jammed pack with ideas to help you improve the belly fat effect and your digestion in general. You see he begins with the idea that “people who are overweight also have digestive issues.” Crazy right? Who ever told you the two were related? No one ever told me!

You see he goes on to say that many individuals who are overweight or obese don’t really eat bad foods, yet food isn’t the issue for them, it is the digestive issues and disfunction that are causing the weight issues! Our health really does begin in the gut!

Mike goes on in The Belly Fat Effect Digestion Session to explain what the Microbiome is and why it is so vital to our good health.  His explaination is excellent by they way!

He shares how science has found why barriatric surgery has helped people lose weight and it may not be why you think and how to have the same benefits without this surgery! This was a very informational piece of this session for sure.

Inflammation is discussed at good length and how that figures into the belly fat effect!

Did you know that inflammation is linked to insulin resistance?

And ” a stimulated immune system thrives off sugar and a low inflammatory immune system thrives off fat.”

Mike then explains how the junk food, excessive alcohol can cause the digestive issues and how that will then cause low grade inflammation which is turning on the immune system into the pro inflammatory state which then turns the metabolism out of fat burning mode into sugar burning mode.

So the low grade inflammation is causing weight resistance!

This session of the Belly Fat Effect is a must see session of The Digestion Sessions because at this point Mike begins to discuss Leptin and Leptin Resistance.

You gotta go now and learn from him as this is really important and I would only do you a disservice by attempting to explain a subject that is integral to immune response!

Here is the link to watch The Belly Fat Effect RIGHT NOW or you can get THE ALL ACCESS DIGITAL PACKAGE for your health library HERE

At The Belly Fat Effect Session you will learn:

  • Why inflammation is linked to insulin resistance
  • What is Leptin and Leptin Resistance and how this is causing chronic hunger feelings, craving food
  • How the Vegas Nerve fits in with digestion
  • Why chewing your food well is essential for good digestion
  • Why slowing down, meditation will help improve digestion
  • Why eating color in your diet will foster good bacteria in the gut
  • The benefits of pea protien
  • Why artificial sweeteners are a no-no
  • How medication effect digestion
  • The benefits of nutrient timing

So there you have it the Belly

As I said The Belly Fat Effect Session at The Digestion sessions Sean Croxton was an information pack session on one you won’t want to miss!


 BELLY FAT EFFECT - The Digestion Sessions
Article Name
BELLY FAT EFFECT - The Digestion Sessions
I just watched The Digestion Sessions -THE BELLY FAT EFFECT wit Mike M and it is turbocharged with information to improve digestion and help you lose weight
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