Benefits of Farm-to-Table Movement For Your Best Life

By | November 2, 2017

Benefits of Farm-to-Table Movement

farm-to-table movement

The benefits of farm-to-table movement mean that you are choosing to buy produce, eggs, milk, and meat from local farms instead of from national supermarket chains. By doing so, you provide a lot of benefits for your family, your health, and your local community. Here are some of the primary benefits of being involved in the farm-to-table movement.

It Helps the Local Community

First of all, buying local is going to help the local economy and community. The benefits of farm-to-table movement mean you buy the majority of your produce, milk, eggs, and meat from local farmers and ranchers. When you do this, you are helping local farmers instead of buying from corporate farmers from across the state or even on the other side of the country. These small farmers need all the help they can get. You can either buy from them directly or go through a farmer’s market or CSA.

Get Healthier Food When You Buy From Your Local Farmers

You are also eating healthier food with the farm-to-table movement. Since you are buying local produce, the fruits and vegetables are not being sprayed by chemicals so they remain fresh on a long journey across the country. This allows your family to have fresh produce that contains no additives or chemicals that really aren’t necessary. It also encourages you to eat more healthy foods when you realize the positive impact it has on your health and the local community.

It Encourages Proper Animal Welfare

The farm-to-table movement allows you to buy your eggs, milk, and meat from local farms that tend to treat their animals much better. Local farmers aren’t mass producing these food items. They aren’t as concerned with pumping their chickens and cows with hormones just to get more out of them. They are often grass-fed and get to roam freely around the farm, so animal welfare is not a concern like when you buy from corporate farmers.

Local Farmers Help Add to Environmental Sustainability

There are a few different ways farm-to-table movement can help with the local environment. First of all, fewer chemicals are used when you buy fresh.  Local produce, therefore, doesn’t have to sit in a truck and travel long distances. Another way is also due to the fact that you get it locally since the trucks aren’t using a lot of extra fuel to get to different supermarkets and there aren’t excess emissions being released. You can visit the farm yourself to pick up your produce and eggs or have it delivered through CSA, who doesn’t have to drive far to get it to you.

We have been buying from our local farmers for many years now.

We feel the farm to table benefits in every part of our life. Being a part of the farm-to-table movement have been life-changing for our family. The biggest benefit has been our improved health. I can also say that eating food that we get from the farm has changed the way we eat. The flavors, the tastes are breathtaking and food has become extremely enjoyable. And for this we are grateful!

The Farm-To-Table Movement Has Helped Us To Eat In Our Own Kitchen


When we began to buy most of our foods from our local farmers we started to cook more at home. In the beginning, this was a big deal. You see we were people that ate most of our meals in restaurants 10 years ago. We never thought anything about going out for dinner night after night. It was nice after a hard day at work to not have to do any of the preparings of our food.

The problem with going out for most evening meals as I was gaining weight and just not feeling great after most meals. Bloated, tired, grouchy would be a good way to describe how I used to feel after eating.

Today I can say this is not the case. I feel really good after meals. We know what is in our food, where it comes from and how it is prepared.

This is what makes us grateful. Food is meant to nourish and I can say today this is exactly what our food does.


Will you join the farm-to-table movement?

Benefits of Farm-to-Table Movement For Your Best Life
Article Name
Benefits of Farm-to-Table Movement For Your Best Life
The benefits of farm-to-table movement mean that you buy your food from local farms, benefiting your family, your health, and community.
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