Better Health Tips For Your Optimal Living

By | May 29, 2014

Better Health Tips For Your Optimal Living

 organicDon’t be overwhelmed, simply take a couple of ideas from our better health tips and begin immediately to make them good healthy habits.  Once they have become your new healthy habit then pick a couple of more tips, rinse and repeat!

Here are my better health tips:(in no special order)

These simple health tips are ideas we have implemented in our lives over the past 15 years. They are doable, effective and if you take a couple on as your own you will begin to see the benefits for your best life.

  1. Avoid anti-bacterial soap. Residue on dishes and hands gets in the stomach and kills your “good bacteria.
  2. Cooking with coconut oil is better than olive oil. It has more Omega-3s and does not oxidize in sunlight or high temperatures.
  3. Miessence Certified Organic’s Mint Toothpaste is free from artificial colors, flavorings, fluoride, aluminum and detergents is a great alternative to traditional toothpaste. (I have personally been using this toothpaste since 2008 and find it to be the best I have used)

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    Use Certified Organic Personal Care Products

  4. Most organic eggs come from cooped up chickens fed organic produce. For true free range eggs, find a local farmer by asking others or do a web search.
  5. Avoid cheap vegetable oils at all costs. They’re high in Omega-6 and very unhealthy.
  6. Think you can’t afford organic? Buy foods that are in season. It’s both more inexpensive and healthier.
  7. Have a favorite seasonal food? Buy it when it’s in the season, then freeze it. It’s healthier than buying it out of season.
  8. Consider supplementing Omega-3s. It’s perhaps the most important supplement of all for the health conscious.
  9. Buy green cleaning products to avoid chemicals like ammonia or chlorine in your house.
  10. Sign up for your local fruit or veggie boxes. Farmers will deliver fresh organic produce straight to your door.
  11. See if there are food co-ops near you. These co-ops grow organic food and sell it to their local markets.
  12. Soak produce in a 1/3rd vinegar and 2/3rds water to kill bacteria, if eating it raw.
  13. When buying seeds, make sure you’re buying non-GMO. If it doesn’t say it’s non-GMO, don’t assume that it is.
  14. Make your jams at home. Most commercial jams (even organic) like peanut butter jam or strawberry jam are high in sugar.
  15. Store your olive oil in a dry place, outside of sunlight. Oxidized olive oil is very dangerous.
  16. Nut milk in supermarkets contains a lot of additive ingredients. For best results, make your own. It only takes 10 mins.
  17. Nuts can be healthy snacks, but they’re also very high in fat and calories. Enjoy them, but eat in moderation.
  18. Add a few Brazil nuts to your diet. It’s one of the few foods high in selenium, which is good for your hormones and your thyroid.
  19. Buy good salt. Good salt can add dozens of minerals to your diet. One jar of Himalayan sea salt can last a year.
  20. Avoid Teflon. Use cast iron or stainless steel. Teflon is toxic, you can learn more here
  21. Put paper towels on the edges of your fridge’s veggie drawer. It’ll draw the moisture and preserve your greens.
  22. Spinach wilted? As long as it does not smell, you can still cook it and it will be just as good.
  23. Stay to the end of Farmer’s Markets. They’ll often give out last minute deals to clear out inventory.
  24. Bananas are high GI and low in nutritional value. Plantains are low GI and much healthier. But they need to be cooked.

One Of Our Best Bonus Health Tips:

Exercise daily – can help improve mood when your endorphins (feel good) neurotransmitters kick in to activate in your body! Helps improve mood, thinking, focus, and so much more. Our best home workout program can be found here

So there you have it! Better health tips that are really simple and easy to implement into your life.  I only know this because I have done each and every one of these ideas in my own life over the past 15 years!  They have changed how I feel, and you can do the same.

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Share how you will begin to implement a couple of our better health tips help you feel better?




Better Health Tips For Your Optimal Living: Use These 25 Tips For Healthy Habits
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Better Health Tips For Your Optimal Living: Use These 25 Tips For Healthy Habits
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