Better Health Simple Ideas

By | June 27, 2013

 Better Health Simple Ideas

Do you want better health to move forward in healing?  It is time to “Stop The Madness” when it comes to the foods you are choosing.  Dr. Osborne provides a very short video below with some very good tips to have better health.

The easiest thing to do is when in the grocery store shop the outer aisles, you know the real food of the grocery store.  Veggies, fruits, proteins.  These are the absolute best choices for better health.  Remember you can not get healthy eating unhealthy food.

better health

If you must go down the gluten free aisle before you purchase any product ask yourself these questions.

  • Is is good for me?
  • If I were to eat this food would it make me feel bad or has it made me feel bad before?
  • Are these gluten free foods really for my better health?  You may or may not know that many of the gluten free packaged, processed foods  are highly proccessed, genetically modified and loaded with sugar.  None of which is good for your better health!

Now there are a couple of guidelines that you can consider:

  • Always read labels – the rule must be 5 ingredients or less then it would be ok if you must eat processed foods. 
  • If you can not pronounce ingredients do buy it and do not eat it.  These products are not on the market for your better health!
  • Again if you go into the grocery store shop the perimeter for you REAL FOOD.  Consider going to the Farmers Market for fresh local in season fruits, veggies, proteins

Check out Dr. Osborne here:


Now is the perfect time to begin eating REAL FOOD for your better health!  Summertime, fresh, local and prepared by you is the best way to move forward for your better health.  And remember “One can neither achieve or maintain health eating food that is not healthy (regardless of gluten status).” – Gluten Free Society

What will you do to eliminate much of the processed, packaged gluten free foods that are mostly doing you no good?

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Let today be your day!  Talk soon,


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6 thoughts on “Better Health Simple Ideas

  1. Amy

    Wendy, because of job-related turmoil, our income last year shrunk by quite a bit. I found that I quickly cut down my grocery expense by leaps and bounds by just not buying anything but the real food. There’s so much processed JUNK in the grocery stores now, it’s no wonder so many people have healthy problems! Boxes of this and bags of that–eating healthy can be the cheaper alternative, too, especially if you augment with your own garden goodies!

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      You make an important point Amy. Saving money through real food! Most don’t realize how much money they are spending on products that are in no way beneficial for their health and the health of their families. Thanks for making that point! Food is only made in 2 ways – you grow it or you raise it. Garden goodies are the best. Boxes, bags of chemical ingredients is not food. Thanks for connecting.

  2. Alana (@RamblinGarden)

    I am fortunate that I have a spouse who loves to cook and only works part time – he has the time to cook “real food”. I admit to using processed foods (a “healthy” brand of deli) and commercial whole wheat bread for lunch because I can quickly put it together. And, I do use breakfast cereal for breakfast – right now I’ve discovered gluten free Rice Crispies although I am not on a gluten free diet. But I think we are much better off for not depending on processed foods. And, I totally wince when I read labels on gluten free products such as gluten free “pretzels” full of artificial ingredients. How can that be a healthy choice?

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      You are fortunate! 🙂 No processed food is a healthy choice. Thanks for connecting

  3. Joy Healey

    Hi Wendy

    Good info thanks.

    I was once given a simple rule to follow for health:

    “Eat food that spoils, but eat it before it spoils”.

    Thanks for the trial offer, I’ll share it on my page.


    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      That is good advice, Joy. Thanks for connecting. Wendy


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