Are You Blocking Ability? Consider That You Might Be!

By | March 21, 2013

Are you blocking Ability?

Have you ever thought about the idea of blocking ability? Well, today I watched a presentation by Martin Rooney and the presentation topic was about success.  One of my first take away’s was this,”You are not lacking ability, you are blocking your ability”.  I felt this is a very powerful point!

The example he gave is this – he asked the audience to raise their arm as high as they could.  The audience complied. Then he asked them to raise their arms a little bit higher and guess what.  The audience had a bit more to give!  So even though he asked them to raise their arms as high as they could no one did.  Did they have the ability to raise the arm higher? Yes of course because they all did when asked a second time.

What was the point to the exercise?  To show that most of us in fact are blocking ability!  We know today that eating real food, exercise, proper sleep, hydration, and a good mental outlook are the way to live a healthy, vibrant  life.  Yet only 8% of the population in North America exercise and we are living in an epidemic of chronic health problems as well as obesity.  We have the ability to change this and be extraordinary!

He then went on to share that we must not confuse difficult with impossible.  I have written about creating success strategies in previous posts and again this comes up today.  If we want to create success strategies in something/anything we must seek out individuals who have done it and ask them how!  Be unafraid to learn about successful strategies and duplicate them for your success.   This is something that I have heard for years in business.

So how does this relate to health, wellness, weight loss and fitness?  Once you see that you have the ability to be fit, healthy, energetic, reduce weight you are not going back!  You will see your ability is limitless.

OK so today I introduce The 21 Day Total Body Transformation – The Primal Blueprint is a way of life patterned after the diet, exercise and lifestyle habits of our ancestors. Known as the “evolutionary health” approach, Primal living is all about eliminating the harmful processed foods and high-stress behaviours of hectic modern life in favour of getting back to the basics.

During the transformation program, you will learn how to reprogram your genes to prefer fat for fuel, instead of succumbing to the roller coaster, fat-storage, inflammation-promoting effects of today’s grain-based, high-carbohydrate diets.* We will teach you how to avoid the all-too-common chronic approach to exercise that leads to fatigue, injury and burnout…and provide you with an intuitive blend of low-level aerobic workouts and basic everyday movement, regular high-intensity strength workouts, and occasional brief, all-out sprints.

We’ll help you slow life down, taking time for play, sunlight and fresh air, and adequate sleep. Far from a crash course, the transformation program allows you to efficiently reduce excess body fat* with natural, easy-to-maintain lifestyle changes. Set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy living and effortless weight management with this intensive, comprehensive multimedia program that gives you everything you need to succeed!*

blocking ability

Here today is the first step to your success.

Stop Blocking Ability with this 6 Step Formula for You to Implement

  1. Find your path – if life is a journey then we must have a compass to guide us.  Our goals are that compass.  Do you have goals for your health, wellness, fitness and weight loss?  Do you have them written down?  Do yo read your goals daily? If your goals are not written down then you don’t have goals. Make your goals your success compass.
  2. Have Focus – did you know that it takes 3/10 of a second texting while driving to kill yourself or someone else?  By creating goals and becoming laser focus on those goals is a very important part of the success strategy.
  3. Action, Take it – get moving toward to your is one of the most important steps in the formula.  Have you ever decided to lose weight?  Deciding is not taking action, planning, researching, deciding.  Don’t give yourself a no it won’t work before someone or something else does. Take action!
  4. Jump in with both feet – become totally involved in the process, pay attention to all that you are doing.  Become so excited about your goal that you are a crusader for success and achievement.
  5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – this is a huge one!  By becoming uncomfortable you may miss out on some things.  For example if you have committed to a weight loss program you will be changing your eating habits and may be uncomfortable at first eating will and as you continue you will become very comfortable with eating well.  It will be the same for your fitness goals.  If you are not exercising now you will be uncomfortable with exercise as you begin however as you continue you will become comfortable and in many cases you will become an athlete!
  6. Increase your average – have you heard the saying that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with? You may need to remove some for  success.

Are you blocking ability?  Now is the time to see your limitless ability, find your path, have focus, move toward your goal, jump in with both feet, get comfortable with being uncomfortable and increase your average.

Let me know how I can help.  Leave comments below, like and share if you have found value here today with this discussion on blocking ability?

Blocking Ability Might Be Keeping You From Your Success
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Blocking Ability Might Be Keeping You From Your Success
Are we blocking ability for our own success? Marting Rooney says yes in his presentation and it go me thinking about you! Read about it here:.
Wendy Bottrell

3 thoughts on “Are You Blocking Ability? Consider That You Might Be!

  1. Jodene

    It’s amazing how much we’re really capable of when we think about it! Setting goals will definitely help you to progress and move forward. This is a great list. I especially like #5 & #6. Being the shy gal that I am has stopped me from doing a lot in the past. I would dwell on the what if’s and wonder what I had missed. I’ve come along way with being uncomfortable and know that I have still some way to go. Increasing your average is another great one. I have a problem with my work environment (I am still an employee 🙁 ) It is so full of negativity and they hold the employee mindset that I revolt against. I can feel myself gravitating toward them. I rejuvenate and get back to my true self when I go to live events, seminars and hang out with people like me!!! The 5 people and your environment are game changers!
    Thanks Wendy
    ~ Jodene

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Sounds like you are doing some amazing positive things in your life. Showing up as you! Way to go Jodene. Thanks for connecting

  2. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    Yes that is a very powerful exercise. Simple lessons show us how amazing we can be. It is our job to embrace the lesson and take action. Thanks Mike


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