Carbohydrates and Inflammation! The Gluten Summit

By | November 20, 2013

Carbohydrates and Inflammation! The Gluten Summit

Today’s post is very personal because I want to share with you what I have learned about carbohydrates and inflammation  from Dr. Perlmutter session, author of Grain Brain.  Over the past 8-9 days I have been very busy watching, listening and learning from The Gluten Summit – A Grain of Truth.

My Experience With Carbohydrates and Inflammation

Let me start with the reason this is a very personal post.  I have seen first hand the relationship between carbohydrates and inflammation because my mother is living with Parkinson’s Disease.  And Parkinson’s Disease is an inflammatory disease of the brain along with Alzheimers Disease and MS according to Dr. Perlmutter.  Which I didn’t really realize until I was listening to his presentation a few days ago.


carbohydrates and inflammation


Here is what Dr. Perlmutter has to say about an inflamed brain:

“When your brain is inflamed, you’re not going to feel it.  You’re not going to know.  But absolutely all lof the chemical markers of inflammation that you might have in an arthritic knee are the exact same players that are involved in the disease we call Alzheimers” – Dr. David Perlmutter

Now Parkinson’s is not Alzheimers however it is inflammation. The presentation goes on with the idea of “Thinking about Alzheimers Prevention”  and Dr. Perlmutter indicates that Lancet Neurology   – over 54% of current worldwide Alzheimers pateint load could have been prevented by addressing lifestyle. And he goes on to say Around 2.6 million people in the US have an Alzheimers diagnosis.”

I was very suprised to hear in this presentation from Dr. Perlmutter “Alzheimers has been described as “Diabetes Type lll.”

He then goes on to say this about diet:

“It’s the carbs that are the killers fundamentally because ultimately a high-carbohydrate diet leads to this modification of proteins that dramatically increase inflammation & the production of damaging free radicals which damage our DNA, our fat, our protein and really every part of the body…The big issue, the thing that is of importance to 100% of humans on this planet, is the excessive carbohydrates in our diet.” – Dr. David Perlmutter

Here is where it get super interesting!  Dr. Perlmutter’s ideal diet suggestion is a “Brand New Diet” and “only been around for 2.6 million years” and it is this “Extremely low carbohydrate and high fat.”

The good fats are monounsaturated fats, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grass fed beef, wild fish, nuts and seeds.

He goes on to explain the 2008 Weight Loss Study, What We Ate Then compared to What We Eat Now  and Dr. Perlmutter says this

” As it relates to the brain and things like headaches we’re seeing an incredible explosion of data coming our way demonstrating that in fact many neurologic problems have at their core anything that can induce inflammation.  And front and centre certainly in my mentality is gluten because gluten sensitivity is so vast.” – Dr. David Perlmutter

Here is my take away from this presentation:

  • “It’s the carbs that are the killers” – powerful!
  • Realize that learning is an important aspect of change and as Dr. Perlmutter indicated the carbohydrates and inflammation that occurs we don’t feel at the time.  You are not going to know.  Learning how to eliminate this inflammation is a true life changer.
  • Eat Real Food – Vegetables, Grass Fed Meat, Wild Fish, Good Fats, at each meal and learn why this is so vital
  • If you are having any health issues “at least consider gluten sensitivity and if you don’t want to do a blood test go gluten, wheat and grain free for 2 weeks as a way to test for yourself how you will feel without”
  • Symptoms are not solutions – go deeper to figure out what is causing them?
  • Begin to consider Lifestyle Changes – Diet, Exercise, Sleep Patterns, Hydration habits, Stress

You see I am seeing & feeling the damages of what carbohydrates and inflammation  have done to my mother.  To be really frank with you it is not fun!  Watching someone you care about struggle when maybe it could have been prevented by lifestyle changes many, many years ago is the reason and the only reason I share this presentation with you today!  Making the changes by eliminating the carbohydrates and inflammation as it seems they go hand in hand!

Are you changing your lifestyle habits?  How are you doing?  Share your comments below, like this post and share if you have found value!

Get the VIP Access Package and learn for yourself about what Gluten, Wheat and Grains are doing to your health from the Experts who have presented at this Gluten Summit – because there is so much valuable info you will want to watch more than once~I know I have


Let today be your day!  Talk soon,

Here is the LINK for The Gluten Summit – A Grain of Truth

“This post is not intended for medical advice”




Carbohydrates and Inflammation! The Gluten Summit
Article Name
Carbohydrates and Inflammation! The Gluten Summit
Today's post is very personal because I want to share with you what I have learned about carbohydrates and inflammation from Dr. Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain.

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