Cheating | Is Cheating, Cheating When It Comes To What You Eat?

By | January 14, 2013

Is Cheating, Cheating? What do you think?


Is cheating, cheating? What do you think? When I hear individuals tell me they are on some kind of restricted eating program and they have just cheated (eaten something not on the plan)  it makes me wonder who they feel they have just cheated?  Who have they hurt by eating something that is not on their plan?  By committing to a certain eating plan means to follow the plan right?

Maybe yes and maybe no!  A couple of years ago I read The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferris, An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman.  OK, I know the title is kind of weird.  I was interested in the 4-Hour Body part of the book.

Now Tim Ferris says on page 5 ” I am neither a doctor or Ph.D.  I am a meticulous data cruncher with access to many of the world’s best athletes and scientists”.

A Cheat Day – Is Cheating, Cheating?

I really found this book to be a great resource as I began my own journey to permanent weight loss.  There were many things I changed in my daily food intake as a result of using this book as a resource.  I began to eliminate “White Carbohydrates”.  “Eat the same few meals over and over again”.  He suggests “Don’t Drink Calories”.  I still enjoy coffee with cream and Red Wine, however, my primary drink of choice is Water.  He also suggests “Don’t Eat Fruit”.  And his 5th rule is ” Take One Day Off Per Week”. A Cheat Day!

There are a few things I have to add here.  Because of the “Cheat Day”, I began to see that my weight challenges were a health issue.  I began to see that I was and am highly Gluten Sensitive.  In the beginning of experimenting myself with the ideas in The 4-Hour Body I did begin to feel better and each time I did the “Cheat Day” I felt really sick and it lasted for a number of days.  It got to the point where I just didn’t do the “Cheat Days” because it was so bad.

That is, in my opinion, an important aspect of change when it comes to health, wellness, and fitness.  Take any info and then notice how it feels for you.eating program

Use The Idea of Cheating To Your Benefit

What I like about this idea for most individuals working at change there is the chance to enjoy the “forbidden” cheating foods on occasion and not to feel bad or have shame in doing so.  I have found with clients this approach has allowed change to come more easily because they don’t feel like they have failed.

My goal is always to support my clients in reaching their goals.  Change is about moving from a certain habit to a new more rewarding, healthier habit.  And if by including a planned “Cheating day” in your program is going to allow you to achieve the goal that is good.

What I have noticed over the past year is every couple of months I want to eat some potato chips.  This was a comfort food for me growing up.  And I allow myself to this.  It keeps me on track with my eating program that includes no Gluten, Wheat or any other grains.  Over the past year, I have reduced my weight by 25 lbs. without feeling like I have missed out.  I rarely ever feel hungry, have lots of energy daily and feel really great.

So, is cheating, cheating?

What do you think?  How do you feel about this topic?  Share your comments below.

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Share your thoughts on cheating in the comments below.

Is cheating, cheating? What do you think?
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Is cheating, cheating? What do you think?
Is cheating, cheating? What do you think? Who are you really hurting with this kind of thinking? Check out my latest blog post where we explore this idea
Wendy Bottrell

4 thoughts on “Cheating | Is Cheating, Cheating When It Comes To What You Eat?

  1. Pamela @ Still Dating My Spouse

    So so true: who are we cheating? Is it really cheating?
    I think you are allowed to have that day of eating  that "comfort food." If we are not flexible but also focused, we will binge eat and that will cause us to loose sight of the goal we have.

    So stop being so hard on yourself and do whats best for you & your body.
    Thanks for great post!


    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Thanks for connecting. Yes it is time for us to stop being so hard on ourselves.

  2. Nancy Kay

    I believe that when we try to achieve large goals that take place over an extended period of time, we need to remember that an occasional slip-up is just that! We are works in progress and need to focus on the long term instead of beating ourselves for any lapse in following the plan now and again.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Great way to say it. “We are works in progress”. Thanks for sharing your comments here.


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