Community | Who Is In Your Community To Support Your Best Life?

By | February 16, 2017

Who Is In Your Community To Support Your Best Life?

I have beencommunity thinking for a bit about the idea of who is in your community?  Now I don’t mean who are your neighbors, businesses, social events.  I mean who is in your community to support you in your journey to health and wellness?

It is my belief as humans we need connection, in fact, we do need community.  We need support when we are making the big changes in our life!

We see community very clearly in business.

Business is set up in teams or community.  You see Entrepreneurs, for the most part, set their business up through connection.  Networking events, Mastermind groups, business building groups are a few examples that come to mind. Seth Godin is always talking about connection, building tribes.  In business it is a normal way of life to go out and find mentors, coaches and teams to build and grow a business.

Yet when it comes to health, wellness, fitness it doesn’t seem to be the same connection.  Or as least I haven’t seen it.   Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Who are you spending time with? A healthy, vital community or a sick one? 

In our modern society, there is so much information on health, wellness, fitness yet we are living in an age of chronic illness, obesity and a lack of movement and vitality.

What makes a community for you?

So, who are you hangin’ with? Do you surround yourself with like-minded people when it comes to eating real organic food cooked at home? Who do you connect with for exercise strategies?  Do you feel there would have more value for you to improve how you feel connecting with like minded people?  What kind of group would be of value for you to live your best life?  What kind of information would you be looking for to increase your vitality? Do you feel that with the right support it would be an easier journey for you to make lasting changes?

We provide Community Through Our Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

As Fitness Coach & Holistic Lifestyle Coach, we are specialists in wellness, stress management, and lifestyle coaching.  HLC coaching will help you improve your health and fitness on many levels.  This is an opportunity for you to open your heart and mind to a whole new way of eating and training.    Through the coaching sessions, clients will learn how to implement the 6 Daily Modifiable Foundation Principals include Thoughts, Breathe, Hydration, Food, Exercise, and Sleep.

Fitness Coach Business Philosophy – What makes us different in the community?

  • Prevention is better than cure! Your Fitness Coach Work Out and Work In Training/Holistic Lifestyle Coaching must be simple for you to have success. This is why we have chosen to work with client’s one on one in person, in small groups or online with our fitness coach/training sessions. We save our clients time, and energy while reducing stress.
  • Coaching our client’s on the 6 Pillars of Health gives them choices to live a more vibrant life. We included the 6 Pillars of Health coaching with all our clients to be sure they are feeling as well on the inside as they are looking on the outside.
  • We definitely believe each client we work with is unique and whole. Vision Quest’s “Wholistic Coaching” approach empowers clients to be clear on why they want to work out, work in on a weekly basis, reduce weight &/or create a healthier lifestyle.  Our no-nonsense approach along with our passion allows clients to reach their potential & their goals in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
  • Each client we believe is an individual and we do not use the attitude that one program fits all. We coach the “Champion within to reach your full potential, mind, body, and spirit” with our unique system approach.
  • Whether our clients are training for weight loss or personal improvement we do our best to make sure it will be as fun and unique as possible for them and for us. Having fun experience coaching brings our clients back week after week.  What better way is there to get into good health and wellness?

Our Community of Coaches

health wellness

  • Wendy Bottrell is the President & Founder of Vision Quest Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and has been in the Health and Wellness field for over 20 years. Wendy studied Life Coaching with The Coaches Training Institute in 1999 and certified as a Personal Trainer since 2001 and retired from training clients one on one a few years ago. She is a Chek Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Level 1; she has a passion for helping people reach their own personal weight reduction & fitness & wellness goals. Wendy has experienced the challenges of poor health and realizes there can be struggles when moving forward to a healthier lifestyle. Wendy has successfully lost (reduced) her weight by 100 lbs and kept it off for years now. She has also been able to figure out how to live a prescription free lifestyle and feel great even though she has been diagnosed with autoimmune issues (Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Sjogren syndrome)  that cause most people to live on multiple prescription drugs. Wendy has been able to ref hockey for many years, workout, bicycle from Toronto to Montreal, and hike to name a few activities that make her heart sing!

health wellness

  • Izabela Kosmowska, CFO & Director of Sales/Marketing has worked successfully in Retail for over 20 years. Prior to working in retail business Izabela was responsible for all aspects of operating a small restaurant/café.  She has studied as a Life Coach with the Coaches Training Institute and has worked in the Anti-Aging and Wellness field for the last 10 years.  Izabela is an excellent chef, putting together healthy primal meals, parties, and pantries.   She graduated from culinary school in 1989. Izabela is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1.

  Our services include:

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.
  • Work Out – Work In Coach.
  • Metabolic Typing.
  • Grocery Store Tours and Coaching.
  • Purge and set up your holistic kitchen.
  • Holistic Cooking Classes.
  • Anti Aging Nutrition & Certified Organic Superfoods & Organic Personal Care Products.
  • Coaching for the 45+Woman looking to find her inner athlete for health, fitness and weight loss – (lots of articles for the gluten free woman here on this site for our community

What We Stand For In Our Community:

  • Organic food
  • Organic Personal Care
  • Certified Organic Superfoods
  • Non-Toxic
  • Good Movement
  • Non-GMO
  • Drinking Good Water
  • Simple Fitness
  • Laughter
  • Healthy Habits
  • Good Sleep
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Balance (Homeostasis)
  • Nurture in Nature
  • Quiet
  • Meditation
  • Love
  • Dreams
  • Adventure
  • Connection
  • Real Food
  • Biodynamic Farming
  • Learning
  • Pastured Protein
  • Clarity In Your Why
  • Rules
  • Home Cooking
  • Organic Wine
  • Gluten Free
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Working In
  • Working Out
  • Breath/Breathing

Community Testimonies:

  • “You keep me on my toes like no one else has ever done. Being held accountable for the commitments I make to myself has certainly kept me from being complacent.  You are definitely the kind of coach I need to help me move forward toward accomplishing my goals and dreams.  “Thank you for your no-nonsense approach and for your truly kind and loving support and encouragement.”  Brenda S.
  • “Not only has Wendy of Vision Quest helped me to lose weight and become more muscular, but she has helped me to realize my own potential.” Dieter F

I would look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below and share your ideas on how a vital, healthy community would help you live your best life!

Community | Who Is In Your Community To Support Your Best Life?
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Community | Who Is In Your Community To Support Your Best Life?
Who is in your community to support you in your journey to health and wellness? Why is it vital for your best life? Learn why it is important
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6 thoughts on “Community | Who Is In Your Community To Support Your Best Life?

  1. Cher

    Oh wow so agree with this _ I am totally alone with my thoughts beliefs and strategies – tis ok been there a long time LOL – but yep it is hard which is why I am dedicated to help others 🙂 Great post

  2. Jodene

    I never thought about a community for health and wellness. I am so used to the business aspect of networking and team building, so why not fitness? I do get more out of it when I hike with someone else. It does help to have someone there to support you, help you and just be there. That’s a great idea!

  3. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    Good to hear you have great partners and coaches on your team. Having people around to lift you up is a vital way to achieve all your goals. Thanks for all your support. 🙂


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