I Just Ordered My Desire Map Planner For 2015!

By | August 21, 2014

desire map plannerI just ordered my Desire Map Planner for 2015!

I just ordered my Desire Map Planner for 2015 and I am really excited about this!  Actually I am a pretty organized person, however I don’t really feel there has ever been a solid system that I have used to plan out the year, month and weeks!  There seems to be many ideas on how to do all of this successfully, some say write it all down in complete detail, others say be a bit more general as to not limit your success.

I do tend to feel that writing stuff down, being detailed with a vision definitely makes the journey easier, and clearer!  And at this point in my life I am looking for clearer.

So I have been reading, listening to Danielle LaPorte for a while now, really like the vibe she puts out for well all of it! So I decided to order the Desire Map Planner for 2015!  It really sounds like a great tool for business and personal action taking.

Danielle says this about the Desire Map Planner:  “The 2015 The inspired and “together” life you dream of has got to have practical applications. This is it. A Day Planner that incorporates your soul and your to-do list; your core desired feelings and your goals; your gratitude and your plans for change.”

Sounds like the Desire Map Planner rocks right?  Well I certainly agree with practical and incorporating my soul and to-do-list, my core desired feeling and goals, along with gratitude (so vitally important BTW) and plans for change!

Powerful and practical it seems to me.  I have been making my gratitude list daily and this has been especially powerful however it would seem to me that having it all in one place is simply going to rock!  Will keep you posted!

If you want your 2015 Desire Map Planner here is the link

Share your best system that is practical and incorporates your soul and to-do-list in the comments area below!

Let today be your day! Talk soon,

I Just Ordered My Desire Map Planner For 2015!
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I Just Ordered My Desire Map Planner For 2015!
Desire Map Planner could totally uplift your life. Because being mindful, reflective honest optimistic, on time, & at least a bit organized is a daily deal.

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