Eliminate Gluten? Yes or No?

By | September 30, 2013

Eliminate gluten? Yes or No?

To decide to eliminate gluten from your diet is the question today?  Yes or no?  The reason this topic is of such interest to me is I have struggled with my own health for many years.  Struggled with my weight.  Struggled with fatigue, overwhelming tiredness where some days I could not even move.  Extreme pain, and a number of immune problems.  I was the person that caught a cold in September and it would not really leave until May!

In February of 2011 I was listening to Dr. Tom O’Bryan who was a guest on the Paleo Summit and the light bulb went on.  I was struggling with my health because of gluten!  That was the day that I decided to eliminate gluten ( wheat, grains, gluten) and each day since I have felt better.  It was a remarkable, noticeable change within days.  I started to think more clearly have move energy, just an overall brightness.

I listened to Dr. Tom O’Bryan again this weekend and again I learned a great deal more about living gluten free.

eliminate gluten

It seems to me one of the most important lessons is this ” A bad gluten free diet is bad for you.” Dr Tom O’Bryan  Here is what that means to me – once a person realizes they must eliminate gluten from the, to then go out and purchase, eat “Gluten Free Products” is not a good way to promote better health.  “Gluten Free Products are really not healthy!” These products generally contain more sugar, and bad fats, likely to be cross contaminated as well.

Real Food is a Real Gluten Free Diet!  There seems to be a lack of good information on gluten sensitivity – in fact Dr. O’Bryan discusses that doctors are not being trained in the health issues of gluten.  At 7:15 of the recording below learn why you can’t have just a little gluten if you are sensitive or celiac!

Your body never lies!  YOU just have to ask the right question of your immune system!

Listen to the complete podcast here;LINK to learn so many more reasons why it is so necessary to eliminate gluten from your diet!  And one supplement you can add to help improve your health!

Dr. O’Bryan is presenting The Gluten Summit Nov. 11 – 16 2013, here is the LINK

The goal of the Gluten Summit is to shift the scientific discussion and clinical recognition of gluten-related disorders forward by five years. Meaning, we want the conversation between patients and doctors that will be happening five years from now to happen now. This Gluten Summit is going to be awesome!  Be sure to sign up today! LINK

One of the best decisions I made was to eliminate gluten from my diet!  If you feel you may be having health challenges because of gluten listen to the podcast above, begin to listen, learn from the experts in this field and begin to feel better, by taking the step to eliminate gluten from your diet!


Let today be your day!  Talk soon,

Eliminate Gluten? Yes or No?
Article Name
Eliminate Gluten? Yes or No?
Over the past few days I have learned much more on why we must eliminate gluten from our diet?  Today I will begin to share that information.

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