Essential habits for better health

By | April 16, 2013

Are there essential habits for better health?

The other day I was listening to a very powerful presentation by Dr. P. Osborne titled 7 Essential Habits of a Gluten Free Warrior and it has inspired this post today because it made me think about the essential habits for better health we must create for ourselves. The presentation made me wonder if we are aware of how we are making better habits around our health? (Be sure to read to the end to receive your FREE access to this awesome 3 part series…)

essential habits for better health

Before I start I want to share a couple of quotes from the presentation:

People spend half of their life spending all of their health to acquire wealth and the second half of their life spending more than their wealth trying to get their health back”

“The #1 cause of bankruptcy and financial stress are costs related to health problems.  So it’s simple – make health your 1st investment”

“What do you mean organic food is too expensive.  Your health is not a place to save money. You’ll spend 10 times as much later at the hospital.  (on drugs and surgery)

And I have always heard that “Prevention is better than treatment”.

So what is my point today?  It is much easier to get control of your health and well-being.  Once that is done everything becomes much simpler. Thinking, sleeping, exercise, nutrition, hydration, breathing.

Here are some tips that will are the essential habits for better health:

  • Make your health a #1 priority-invest in you
  • Exercise every day! Especially on those days when you don’t want to – your body will thank you
  • Drink Water – 1/2 your body weight in ounces each and every day – your body and mind will thank you
  • Laugh often and deeply
  • Have gratitude for what you do have in your life now
  • Meditate/pray daily 
  • Eat Real Organic Vegetables and Fruits, Pastured Meats from local farmers whenever possible
  • Eliminate all wheat, grains, and gluten
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Take time to learn the lessons in what you have been given
  • Be careful what you allow going into your body and mind – thoughts are things and impact body and mind
  • Educate yourself on better health and  well-being
  • Be present in your life
  • Play – it can be a magical way to live

It would be excellent to hear which of these essentials habits for better health tips resonates with you that you will implement into your daily routine starting today?body weight

As promised simply click the image and you will go to my affiliate page to gain access to the FREE  Gluten Free Warrior 3 part video series , Dr. Peter Osborne, discusses the 7 essential habits for better health that will help you to maximize how you feel about your better health, reaching your body weight goals, and living life to the fullest.




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What are you good health habits?

Share with us what your essential habits for better health are?


15 thoughts on “Essential habits for better health

  1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    Yes the video series is fantastic! And FREE:)! Thanks for connecting. Wendy

  2. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    Thanks for connecting Angie and great tip about farmer’s markets.

  3. Linda Ann - Practically at Home

    Good points. Health is good stewardship!

    Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. We’re on the home-stretch for April!

    Adding you to my Bloggers list on Twitter.
    You can find me: @LindaAnnNickers

  4. Regina Walker

    I think the exercise and eat right is huge, but so is praying. We get sick so easily when we are stressed, and if we can let it go and let God, we are doing ourselves a huge favor.

  5. Debra Moser

    Excellent post and look forward to the videos. Important info shared here than you.

  6. Ginny Carter

    Wow I hadn’t realised that ill health is the no. 1 cause of bankruptcy but it makes sense when you think about it. Business owners need to take care of themselves, it doesn’t need to be that way. Thanks for the post.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Yes ill health is a huge problem in business and for business owners. Thanks for connecting!

  7. Jan Kearney

    Loved your tips – drink more water is one I need to take on board. My water is usually hot with coffee in it…

  8. Bonnie Gean

    I know it’s hard for some people to drink half their body weight in water each day. Water has no taste similar to soda pop so most don’t consider it an essential WANT to do let along must do!

    How would you flavor water so it’s still good for you and prompts people to drink more of it?

    Any suggestions?

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Hi Bonnie, water by definition should not have a taste! And I can appreciate how hard it is to stop drinking pop because over 16 years ago I gave it up. What I did was stop drinking pop and begin drinking bubbly water because it had the same feel as pop. Within a few months I then went to plain filtered water and have been happily drinking that ever since. If you want to flavor your water you could consider real lemon, real lime in the water. Hope that helps. If you have any questions or if I can help let me know. Best Regards, Wendy

  9. Joy Healey

    Along similar lines to “organic is too expensive”, there’s the guy who, when told by his doctor he needed to spend an hour a day exercising, said he couldn’t fit it into his busy schedule. Doc replied “Well which suits your busy schedule best – exercise 1 hr in 24 or being dead 24 in 24?”

  10. Katie S

    People underestimate the value of play. I’m glad to see it on your list!

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      I know play is so important and it seems as adults we forget that. Thanks for connecting. 🙂


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