Exercise Tips Help You To Get Fit!

By | July 3, 2013

Exercise Tips Help You To Get Fit!

Today I have been thinking about Exercise Tips!  Wondering if the reason most people don’t exercise is because they don’t know how rather than because they don’t want to?  You see I have been doing some kind of exercises my whole life.  My mother tells me I would run everywhere when I was a little one.  I played and absolutely was passionate about almost every sport when I was a kid.  Hockey, baseball, soccer, football, tennis to name just a few that I participated in. Today I continue to participate in tennis, badminton, weight train, some distance cycling to name a few.

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Yet in my very early 20’s I wanted to begin a weight training program and it was the most intimidating thing for me to walk into a club to begin.  Because of that intimidation of going into a gym it took me a few years to begin weight training.  When I started, I went with a friend.  We learned together how to lifts weights, proper form, techniqes and had a blast.  It was an amazing experience that I have been doing ever since.

At that time I needed exercise tips and got them.  This made the process easy for me.  Learning those exercise tips allowed me to find a way to exercise that has made a difference for me and my health ever since.

Did you know that “Leading an inactive life increases your risk of heart disease as much as if you smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, according to Dr. Rippe.”

These are some exercise tips that may help you begin today.

  • When I began to exercise it was an activity that I did 3 times per week.  As I said I joined the gym with a friend and we met at the same time, on the same days to do the same exercises for the first 8 weeks.  We were consistent.  We had each other for support and encouragement.  Will you find a friend to do the same for you?
  • We were put on a program where we spent some time either running or on a stationary bike – 2o minutes, then we did a complete body training program for about another 45 minutes.  Today it would be different, we would do an interval program with a good warm up, intervals, cool down total time training would be 45  minutes start to finish. Have an exercise program that you will follow
  • The goals we set as we began was to get there 3 times a week.  It was really that simple.
  • Now you don’t have to go to a gym to have a success with exercise.  Learning a few basic exercises will take you a very long way to improving your health and fitness.  Where will you do your exercise program? Home, gym? 
  • Find a way to enjoy what you are going to commit to in your exercise program  It is vital that you find a way to develop strength and fitness. Whether you do bodyweight exercises, weight training, walk hills, enjoy the activity
  • I find that my exercise timing is best in the afternoon.  It is the time I enjoy the most, I get the most accomplished
  • Be sure you take the time to learn the proper way to exercise.  This will take you a long way in getting the results you want without injury.
  • Know your WHY!  What is it about exercise that you want to accomplish.
  • Beginning an exercise program is not a quick fix.  It is a lifestyle.  I teach my clients that they are not working out for today, they are working out today so they will be able to work out well into the future. Stay independent, have a quality of life.
  • Make Exercise Fun –  no matter what you choose to do to get fit have fun with it!

Today I have shared exercise tips that will help you move forward to have success in exercise.  For me exercise has been a very empowering activity.  These very exercise tips I have shared were given to me so many years ago.

Exercise is definitely a very important part of life whether you are living with gluten intolerance or not!  The challenge for those of us living with gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease is according to Dr. Osborne – “It is no mystery that gluten can cause and contribute to the muscular loss, muscular weakness, and muscular inflammation.   The consequence of this damage can prevent your immune system from being able to properly protect you.  You see, muscle is a reserve tank for healthy immune function.  Unfortunately,  taking gluten out of your diet is not enough to restore good immune and muscular health.  That is why I constantly put so much emphasis on building and maintaining adequate lean muscle.”

What has exercise done for me?  I feel exercise changed my life.  No matter what has happened in my life, illness, stress exercise has been a constant.  It has been a time where I connected mind to body.  Gained strength, mobility, flexibility. Had a lot of fun.  Made a career in this field.

These exercise tips are how I stuck with it the habit of exercise.  Do you exercise consistently?  What is holding you back from starting a program?

Get a friend, be consistent, find a program that you will follow, decide if you want to go to the gym or train at home, bodyweight or weights, learn proper form, know your why, know it will be a lifestyle program for independence, strength, and quality of life.

Hope you found some value in these exercise tips?  Share how you will begin or stick with your program below.

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Let today be your day!  Talk soon,

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4 thoughts on “Exercise Tips Help You To Get Fit!

  1. Toni Nelson

    I’m a strong believer in exercise. For me exercising is much easier done from home. I want to get hoopnatica. Seems like a fun way to exercise:)

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      I am hearing more about hula hoop exercise. Sounds like fun.

  2. Bonnie Gean

    I really need to get out more and exercise. I suffer from the same thing everybody else does “the complaint that there is never enough time” but I know the truth. The problem isn’t enough time, it’s MAKING time or not making it that’s the problem.


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