Exercise is definitely a very important part of life

By | April 15, 2013

 Exercise is definitely a very important part of life

Exercise is definitely a very important part of life whether you are living with gluten intolerance or not!  The challenge for those of us living with gluten intolerance is according to Dr. Osborne – “It is no mystery that gluten can cause and contribute to muscular loss, muscular weakness, and muscular inflammation.   The consequence of this damage can prevent your immune system from being able to properly protect you.  You see, muscle is a reserve tank for healthy immune function.  Unfortunately,  taking gluten out of your diet is not enough to restore good immune and  muscular health.  That is why I constantly put so much emphasis on building and maintaining adequate lean muscle.”

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Today I have included a quick video circuit.  It is simple and can be done at home.  If you don’t have weights at home that is no problem.  Use household items as weights.  For example a backpack filled with books, empty water jug filled with sand or water to give you a couple of ideas to get you started with this simple exercise circuit.


This is a very easy circuit and will take no time to do this plan a couple of times per week.  One of the best programs I have found for exercise to do at home or the office are the TT programs.  I have been using them myself for years and have taken some of the ideas and trained clients with the exercises because they are so effective.  I liked them so much I am an affiliate for the programs.

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My challenge for you today is to begin to exercise! If you are beginner take action today. If you are at the Intermediate or Advanced Levels now is the time to increase your intensity! Take your training up a notch. Be sure to get your copy of the 4 week bodyweight program! It’s FREE!

4 thoughts on “Exercise is definitely a very important part of life

  1. Sarah

    baked bean tins make great weights! I’ll have to share as a few friends are gluten intolerant.

  2. Nadine

    We are a gluten free family and I hadn’t come across this link with muscle before, thank you.

  3. Matilda Sjödell

    Great post! I will share this with people I meet who are gluten intolerant. Exercise is such a big part f my life too. Today, unfortunately I didn’t get my eating schedule right so I didn’t manage to fit the gym in. So home exercises are great! Thank you!


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