Do you experiment? You Might Just Like This Idea!

By | March 18, 2013

Do you experiment?

experimentJust over a year ago I heard a group of young entrepreneurs discussing this idea of working on an experiment in their business.  Then a few weeks later I heard a similar conversation with another group, however, this time it was with health and wellness.  I was intrigued, to say the least.

Now I am pretty sure in my lifetime so far I have done experiments in my business and for my health/wellness yet it was not a term I would have used to describe trying something out to see a result.  That was for the science classes that I never excelled at!

Yet I really liked the idea.  And so I began to experiment with my diet.  At first simply removing wheat.  Then I removed grains.  Then gluten.  This experiment was a 90-day experiment.  The purpose was to see if I would feel any better in that time period.  If I did I would continue with the experiment for another 90 days.  Well, so far I am beginning my 5th 90-day cycle and still continue to feel good.  My weight continues to reduce with little effort or focus.  I never feel hungry like I used to.

Here is an example of a young entrepreneur who is living life as an experiment!

It is awesome.


I feel if we did more experimenting we would see what is not working and then create a life with an abundance of health, wellness, and fitness.

How do you see experiment working for you?

Is there one thing you want to experiment with right now to see if there is a new way? A better way?  A happier way for you?

It seems when making changes to diet are discussed so many feel they can’t “give up”  certain foods.  Yet what if instead of “giving up” (feeling deprived) the experiment proved that by “giving up” a food, habit, life became brighter, more enjoyable, move vibrant for you?

Because that is what I have found from my eating experiment.  The food choices today make me feel way better, more energy and so much lighter! Not only in weight.  Mentally lighter as well.

Would be great to hear all about how you experiment!


Do you experiment? You Might Just Like This Idea!
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Do you experiment? You Might Just Like This Idea!
I heard a group of entrepreneurs discuss the idea of working on an experiment in their business. Check out why it is a great for your health
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3 thoughts on “Do you experiment? You Might Just Like This Idea!

  1. jodene

    I definitely have experimented with my health & wellness….at least a little. I started with eliminating soft drinks from my diet I had been hearing how bad sugar and sodas were. I thought I’d miss it, but I really didn’t. Next came the fast food, which I thought I liked and was easy. Just like the sodas, I didn’t miss it! I started shedding pounds without even trying. So, you never know what will happen until you start eliminating,changing and trying new things!
    I think we should all try that so we can have a better, more abundant life.
    ~ Jodene

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Awesome and so glad to hear you noticed such amazing results. I agree we should all try so we can have a better more abundant life! 🙂 Thanks for connecting

  2. Stella Scott

    Don’t worry, it is not for ever! I found that one too, but that was through age. I have sort of a motto based on that. “So fal I’ve survived everything”. 😉

    I’ve always experimented, but it was through my training to become a Gestalt Therapist it became a lifestyle. Just taking another route home from the gym gives a new perspective. Or looking at a house I pass every day and decide to see something new about it now and then. Works every time!

    Love the vid!


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