Farm Fresh Tomato Salad Recipe – Quick and Simple To Create

By | August 18, 2014

Farm Fresh Tomato Salad Recipe

Oh so excited about this farm fresh tomato salad recipe. This year we decided to get all our veggies from a farm about an hour and a half away from home.  So every 2 weeks we get a variety of fresh, Biodynamic agriculture,  that is the very befarm fresh tomato salad recipest food I have ever eaten! It really feels like my soul is lifted through eating the foods we bring home and make at each meal!

Some may feel like this is a lot to get farm fresh veggies however for us it is a bi-weekly adventure!  We take a different route each week, get to be in nature and at the end of the day make incredible recipes like this farm fresh tomato salad recipe.  For me, it is awesome this week because we got quite a lot of fresh tomatoes.

If you have been to my site before you will know that I have a  gluten sensitivity and share information about gluten free living.  Well, fresh tomatoes are a real reminder for me about my issues with gluten.  You see as a kid we would get fresh tomatoes and live off tomato sandwiches.  Every year at this time I would have canker sores and they wouldn’t go away until long after we stopped eating the sandwiches.  I always thought I had an issue with the tomatoes and it turns out it was the wheat and gluten!

What a treat last night to enjoy this farm fresh tomato salad recipe and get up this morning canker sore free and feeling great on my gluten free journey! (Paleo Cookbooks Source)

Check out the farm fresh tomato salad recipe video and the instructions are below:

Farm Fresh Tomato Salad Recipe:


  • Dice Cherry Tomatoes
  • Add Oregano and Basil, chopped
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Fresh onion – sliced
  • Himalayan salt
  • Organic Olive Oil with Chili Peppers
  • Present of a bed of radicchio
  • Chives

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Hope you will get a chance to enjoy a farm fresh tomato salad recipe this summer!

Farm Fresh Tomato Salad Recipe
Article Name
Farm Fresh Tomato Salad Recipe
Arriving home from picking up this weeks co-op we will share with you a farm fresh tomato salad recipe! It is simple, quick and definitely tasty!
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