Female Hormones, Thinking and Tapping Meditations

By | February 9, 2015

Female Hormones, Thinking and Tapping Meditations

I have been able to watch some of the sessions of The Female Hormone Solution and today I was able to catch Paul Chek the Keynote Speaker and Toby Morrison (the free event is over however this is my affiliate link to order this event). Both were awesome sessions and if you have never had the opportunity to hear Paul and Toby this is a must listen to. The wisdom when it comes to Holistic healing is remarkable to say the least.

Paul talks about why women’s hormones are out of balance today – first here is what a hormone is ” a hormone is a molecule that interfaces thought & emotion with the physical reality.”

So stress and stress perception are affecting our behavior. And the chain goes from our belief to our perception to our behaviours. There are big challenges today in keeping people consistant especially because they are not changing their behaviours. The mental/emotional aspect of our lives is vital for change.

Here is why this is important to realize. “A hormone is a molcule that interfaces thought and emotion with the physical reality” so we must begin making better thoughts as well as decisions for our female hormone health!

Learning about oneself will take you a long way in navigating life. Thinking is a must!

It was super interesting  as Paul indicates that hormones are mirroring back the environment. Hormones are the mediators!

Learn more about the Female Hormone Solution HERE 

Now Toby’s session was fantastic because it continued on the thinking theme for health and wellness. The health journey is really about feeling good within yourself mind and body! Are you feeling good mind and body? I can tell you that in my quest for improved health not everyday has been good. In fact there were many years of struggling in both mind and body. Pain, exhaustion and struggle. The day I made the decision to be well for my future was a big day.

You see Toby discusses the idea of “starting your journey where you are” and accept where you are! This is simply brilliant when you consider it. If you start and accept where you are and decide with complete clarity your WHY you want to make the change then nothing else will matter for you. It won’t matter what others say or do you will keep to your path. For me it took a lot of experimenting, trying new things, new ideas until I found the one that works for me in a way that I can maintain without feeling that I am missing out on anything.

Think about it “You are the only one who can fix you! This idea will empower you!”

“Health is a forever thing” so if that is your goal like it was for me you will want to empower yourself to succeed.

One of the simpliest ways to succeed at a healthier life is to begin to figure out what isn’t working. So my example of this is each time I would stop eating wheat, grains and gluten I would feel much better. Then I would go back to eating wheat, grains and gluten and begin to feel crappy. At the Gluten Summit, listening to Dr. O’Bryan explain some of the symptoms of gluten sensitivity a light bulb went off. Partly because I was feeling exactly like he was explaining and partly because I had kind of realized what wasn’t working. This made the elimination of wheat, grains and gluten that much more easy for me.

Take the time to notice, as Toby said ” use your own body to rebuild your body”

These are some of Toby’s ideas.

The Female Hormone Solution has been a wealth of empowering information if your are ready to begin to learn about simple ways to begin the journey of health. Check it out HERE

Stress, thinking all play a huge role in how we are in our world. I see this especially right now for me as I go through healing and renewing in 2015.  Today I rec’d 3 free tapping meditations and I especially want to share them with you here. They are for calm, relaxed and at  peace.

What a way to renew whether it be in healing female hormones or from grief for losing a parent. Having the tapping meditations as a part of my renewal and healing tool box allows me to begin calming my mind. I have been able to do the calmer mind tapping session a few times now and I have been able to feel a noticable reduction for my calmer mind. Having a calmer mind at this time is such a gift and I do hope you will find the tapping meditations helpful for you. Check it out HERE

If you’ve never heard of a Tapping Meditation, it’s a powerful process that combines traditional meditation with Tapping, a technique which has been scientifically proven to send calming signals to the amygdala in the brain.

What’s incredible about Tapping Meditations is that they not only help you to feel calm and balanced, they also help you to release deep core issues that you may be dealing with. Get your FREE Tapping Meditations HERE

So improve Female Hormones through thinking and help with your thinking with the tapping meditations!

Let today be your day! Talk soon,

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Female Hormones, Thinking and Tapping Meditations
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Female Hormones, Thinking and Tapping Meditations
Improve Female Hormones through thinking & improve thoughts with the tapping meditations! Paul talks about why women's hormones are out of balance today

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