Food Cravings – Do You Have Them?

By | August 10, 2013

Food Cravings – Do You Have Them?

I had huge food cravings the other day!  Do you get food cravings?  What do you do?  Do you give into the craving or do you change your focus and work through them?

food cravings

You see my diet is strictly gluten free, no wheat, no grains, no gluten.  This has been my eating strategy now for almost 2 years.  Eating a gluten free diet has been a remarkable health improvement journey for me.  Once I made the determination that I was gluten sensitive the wheat, grains and gluten were gone from my daily life.  Other than the times when I was glutened unknowingly!  The gluten free diet has improved so many aspects of how I feel.  For the most part food cravings are not an issue anymore for me.

Do I get food cravings?  Not really.  Yet this past weekend I could not stop thinking about eating potato chips!  One of myfood cravings has been  potato chips!  In fact growing up potato chips were what we got for a treat, a snack, when we were not feelign well.  I was away last weekend and could not stop thinking about eating some!  Yet I had no access to a store, I was away at the cottage and it is on an island.  So my food cravings persisted.  It really got me to thinking how others handle their food cravings?

I stopped eating any potato chips earlier this year when I learned how unhealthy theyare for the human body. I did a post about eating junk food in moderation in earlier this year and you may be surprised to know that it is not ok! Check this out: “A single serving of trans-fat in French fries or chips may take up to two years for one’s body to fully eliminate, and its biological effects on your system in the meantime are chaotic and anyone’s guess as to how deleterious they are likely to be. Is “occasional” Russian roulette an “OK” thing? MSG is an excitotoxin and always does some degree of neurological damage. Is neurological damage “in moderation” OK? Furthermore, sugar consumption in any quantity is damaging and dysregulating to the system. Some of the effects are reversible and some not. Ultimately, it is the cumulative effect associated with glycation and insulin production that determine our health and life span. We live in a world where we can ill-afford any compromise to our health or well-being. Every meal matters. Is “a little hormonal chaos” or “just a tad”of systemic damage acceptable?”

So that so called food that is giving you and me the food cravings can stay in our body for up to two years.  I stopped eating potato chips that day and I was suprised that I had those food cravings las weekend.

So what did I do?  Nothing!  Sometimes we just have to sit with the feelings and not let them rule us.  It was a very good lesson for me.  Powerful!

What did I learn about the food cravings I was having.

3 Food Cravings Lessons

  • I am more powerful than my food cravings.  If I allowed myself to feel the feelings and not push or fight those feelings they simply went away without me having to do anything
  • I learned that stress plays big time into my food cravings.  Working on removing the stress helps eliminate the food cravings.
  • I feel good about myself.  In this situation I worked through the feelings, realizing what was causing them and moved on.

When do you find you have food cravings?  How do you work through them?  It would be awesome to hear what your experiences are with food cravings?  Share your story in the comments area.


Let today be your day!  Talk soon,

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