Are you Free? Interesting Question, Right?

By | February 19, 2013

freeAre you Free? Interesting Question, Right?

Today I want to talk about the question Are You Free? You see I think this is an interesting question, right?  Yet I will challenge you to think very carefully before you answer this very important question.  Are you Free?

When asked Are you free most will say yes.  Yet I don’t believe that is true.  And the proof is what is happening to the health, wellness, supplements fields in North America.

Here is the information from //  The Alliance for Natural Health is on the frontline in the battle for your freedom of choice. In the interview above, Attorney Gretchen DuBeau discusses just how vital this issue is and how organizations like AND are trying to monopolize the health industry.

The interview is about 25 minutes and if you have any concern about being free, check the video out!  You see this is not just an issue about health and wellness.  It is about choice, freedom, and freedom of speech.  I have heard some say well I don’t take vitamins so this issue is no big deal.  Yet the issues are bigger than just taking a supplement.  Here is the link to the complete interview and article.  There is so much info here if you want to know more.  Click here

Whether you are concerned with your health right at this moment or not just know that if we don’t speak up about this issue the day you want to have the choice about how you want to take care of your health there may not be a choice!

So are you free?  Check out the interview and leave your comments below!free

I did really like the part of the interview where both the lawyer and Dr. Mercola discuss the importance of supplements.  Here is the link to the supplements that I have suggested.  Check them out for your great health.  The World’s First Certified Organic Lifestyle Products – Hair Care, Body Care, Oral, Skin, and Home Products.


Let me know if you have any questions or I can help you!

So are you free?


Are you Free? Interesting Question, Right?
Article Name
Are you Free? Interesting Question, Right?
Are you free? Interesting question, right? Yet I will challenge you to think very carefully before you answer this very important question. Are you Free?
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5 thoughts on “Are you Free? Interesting Question, Right?

  1. Matilda Sjödell

    Thank you for posting this! This is an urgent message and an important issue. I too eat supplements daily and it has saved me from my sleep deprivation and depressions. Today I am healthy and strong and I know it is very much thanks to my supplements. And like you write, it isn’t just about vitamins, it’s about our right to chose what is good for us! Once again, thank you. I’ll be sharing this!

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Awesome story Matilda! Great you are healthy and strong. Thanks for connecting and sharing. If I can help please do not hesitate to let me know. Wendy 🙂

  2. Jodene

    Oh, I know I’m not free. I have been an employee! And I know there are tons of regulations and prescription drug companies rule (or try to) and dictate what meds we have the “freedom” to purchase. There’s a politician down here in the U.S. that I just love. He talks about & remembers when going to the dr. (he was one) and it was a pay by service system – none of this insurance company or co-pay b.s. Pay as you go. The more education I get, the more I realize that I am not free and am working toward becoming free! I don’t have time to watch the video now, but I will come back to do so!
    ~ Jodene


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