Gluten Free Breakfast

By | July 9, 2013

Gluten Free Breakfast

I am on holiday this week and the challenge for me at this moment is finding a gluten free breakfast.  The hotel we are staying at includes what they call breakfast, bread, buns, bagels,eggs, hashbrowns.  The eggs are from a box, the hash browns from a bag.  Most certainlynot a  gluten free breakfast! Most certainly not a breakfast period.  Living gluten free means eating real food.

gluten free breakfast

Now my challenge is finding a gluten free breakfast.  Would does that look like for me?  Well I think I will find some bacon, and a salad with olive oil/lemon dressing.  If there was an avacado included that would be really super.

This is my first time travelling for an extended period of time since I have know I am gluten sensitive.  Challenging to say the least.  Every meal can be a challenge because I am not in control of what is put on my plate.  Gluten seems to be in so many foods.  And I only need to eat the tiniest bit to feel the reprocussions.

So here is a list of things that I have learned to  do when going out to eat. If you are gluten free living it may be helpful.

  • Tell the server you are gluten sensitive or celiac.  Some may not know what that is so telling them you have a gluten allergy may be an easier way to say it
  • Choose real food with no sauces, dressings
  • Make sure your meat, poultry, fish is grilled, broiled with nothing on it
  • Do not eat off anyone else’s plate as it may be contaminated with gluten
  • Once you have made your best choice now is the time to enjoy.

So today as I get ready to  go  out and find a gluten free breakfast, I will be putting this list to the test again today.  Finding a nice place to eat and be able to enjoy a nice gluten free breakfast is a great way for me to reduce the stress of travelling.

Are you gluten sensitive or celiac? What is your eating strategy when travelling?  Do you have any suggestions to find a fantastic gluten free breakfast?

It would be great to hear your ideas in the comments.  Like and Share.

Let today be your day!  Talk soon,


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8 thoughts on “Gluten Free Breakfast

  1. Loretta

    I haven’t seriously traveled since I have become vegan. Maybe in time, if we all persist, hotel chains and B&B’s etc will realize they need to have more healthy offerings. Why can’t fruit and vegetables be offered? If served in a bowl nested into a tray of ice water, it would remain fresh and wonderful,

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Very True Loretta, I agree we must be the ones to persist to change how food is provided on the road in hotel chains and B&B’s. As consumers our choices are our voice. Thanks for connecting. Best Regards, Wendy

  2. Cheryl Foss McDaniel

    Very informative article. While I do follow a gluten free diet, I do try to eat healthy which is many times very hard to find in the world of processed food. I am finding more and more recipes that contain no gluten or sugar, but it is still such a small amount.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Thanks for connecting Cheryl. Eating healthy is a great way to eat! Let me know if I can help. Best Regards, Wendy

  3. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    It is difficult and I agree telling the server upfront does help however many do not even know what gluten sensitive is! For sure the places I have been are willing to do their best. Thanks for connecting. Best Regards, Wendy

  4. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    Thanks for connecting Don. So great your wife is there to help your family eat healthier and better every day. Teamwork is so important. Let me know if I can help. Best Regards, Wendy


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