Is Your Gluten Free Diet Frustrating You?

By | June 6, 2013

 Gluten Free Diet Frustrating You?


In researcing information about the Gluten Free Diet there are many things I have learned.


Gluten Allergy, allergy to gluten; the immune system does not like gluten.

Gluten Intolerance now considered an inability to tolerate gluten; here the body simply cannot tolerate gluten.

Gluten Sensitivity is a meshing of the two.

Celiac disease is an auto-immune disorder (the immune system attacks itself) that damages the lining of the small intestine (the villi) and compromises the absorption of nutrients. Celiac Disase is a permanent intolerance to gluten (which means 100% no tolerance policy when it comes to gluten- do not consume it for ANY reason)

Gluten sensitivity causes Celiac Disease and about 200 other illness such as Osteoporosis, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Disease. Gluten Sensitivity responds differently to each individual and can affect every part of the body.

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What is gluten?   Gluten is a mix of proteins found in all grains. Gluten has two main parts, Promalines and Glutelins.  Promalines are in all grains and each grain has its own types of gluten and concentrations of gluten.

Grain is the seed of a grass. The seed has a casing, a starchy endosperm that contains 90% of the protein, which includes the gluten.  So any flour made with the starchy endosperm contains Promalines (remember Promalines are gluten) and possibly toxic to someone who is sensitive or intolerant. Do you see the problem with grains? I can assure you I did not get it at all.  I was stuffing grains in to me because they are meant to be good for us and yet every day I was feeling worse and worse.

Did we always eat grains? Hunter, gathers diets included 100 -200 species of meats, fruits and vegetable.  Yet as the diet of man became agricultural based there were only 20-30 species and in some cultures, 80% of calories came from a single grain staple. At the same time was the introduction of chronic generative diseases.

If we look to the food pyramid to guide us for eating, it suggests eleven servings of grain and fifty percent of that is whole grains. Yet the way grains we grown today they get sprayed with fungicides and pesticides in the field, which produce xenoestrogens that definitely cause problems with hormones and diseases like breast cancer, endometriosis, fibrocystic breast disease and in men prostate cancer.  When the grains are stored, more pesticides are used. As the grains go into processing, they add dough conditioners and preservatives.  With all of the chemicals, additives it is easy to see why the need eliminate grains from the diet.

So what does this mean for you and me if we are meant to eat a gluten free diet?  Grains are a poor source of Omega 3 and a high source of Omega 6, which causes inflammation and inflammation is a leading cause of illness in our modern world. Grains cause insulin to increase, cause loss of magnesium, and cause an individual store excess fat!  As more parents give infants grains at such a young age, they are being set up for a lifetime of poor health.

So if you are Gluten Sensitive or Celiac you must eliminate all grains including oats, corn rice, millet, sorghum, quinoa and any other suedo grain.  Dr. Osborne – “92% of people with Celiac Disease don’t heal on a traditional Gluten Free Diet.”  According to Dr. Osborne this also means eliminating all packaged and processed foods labeled gluten free.  You see these products are cross contaminated 42% of the time.  Eating reall foods is the best solution for a gluten free diet!

Dr. Osborne said this – “You can not get healthy eating Unhealthy food.”  Sean Croxton of  Underground Wellness says this – “Just Eat Real Food, JERF”

To wrap this conversation up I would like to include this video by Jordan Reasoner of SCD Lifestyle, the topic in this video is The Gluten-Free Lie: Why Most Celiacs Are Slowly Dying!  It is a very informative video and Jordan leaves you with 3 simple suggestions beyond the obvious which is to Remove Gluten.


To recap, gluten sensitivity is a combination of an allergy to gluten and the body not tolerating it.  Gluten sensitivity causes Celiac Disease and over two hundred diseases.  A person with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity must eliminate all grains and gluten from the diet for improved health.  Common table sugar and High Fructose Cory Syrup must be removed as well.  Finally find a skilled practitioner to help recover from Celiac Disease.

Have you eliminated gluten from your diet yet still eat corn, rice….?  Now is the time to eliminate all wheat, grains and gluten.  Will you begin today to eat a gluten free diet that included eliminating all wheat, grains and gluten?

So if your your gluten free diet has been frustrating there are now a few things that you can work on to see if they help.

Share your comments below.

Let today be your day!  Talk soon,

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Is Your Gluten Free Diet Frustrating You?
Article Name
Is Your Gluten Free Diet Frustrating You?
Are you finding your gluten free diet frustrating? There seems to be a huge disconnect with this health issue and the quality of modern grains. We hear almost daily, how healthy grains are yet soon you will see they just simply are not.

6 thoughts on “Is Your Gluten Free Diet Frustrating You?

  1. Francene Stanley

    Very interesting discussion. I don’t have a problem with eating grains, but I know someone who does.

  2. Sarah Bailey

    Such an intresting post – although I don’t have to deal with this myself (Thankfully) I know someone who does and will definitely be passing this onto them thank you.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Thanks for connecting and sharing as a resource! Best Regards, Wendy

  3. Nancy Thompson

    I am not gluten intolerant but I do believe I can improve my health by eating much less wheat and grains. I just eliminated wheat and sugar for a month and to be honest I didn’t feel any different. I know it takes time but change is hard. I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for a great discussion.


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