Gluten Free Information – The Gluten Summit

By | November 18, 2013

Gluten Free Information – The Gluten Summit

The reason I have been so commited to sharing The Gluten Summit – Hosted by Dr. Tom O’Bryan is because Dr. Tom is the first person I listened to that shared gluten free information that I could understand and relate to my own health.  And that gluten free information was life changing for me.  I do hope if you have a gluten sensitivity or if you are living with Celiac Disease you have been able to listen to at least some of the presentations on The Gluten Summit?  I have learned a great deal more after this last week of watching and taking notes.

gluten free information

Today I will provide a breakdown of each day for you and maybe something will resonate for you to learn more! The breakdowns from the Gluten Summit are from Dr. Tom himself.

Day 2 of The Gluten Summit

On day 2 Dr. Tom provided information on the VIP Access Package.  This allows us to watch, re-watch, learn, take notes, share with friends and family, at our own pace!  This way there would be no stress!  Check out what he shared on Day 2

“I do realize that asking you to spend 3-4 hours per day watching the interviews (for several days) is quite a time commitment, but it is extremely important information about your health, so please remember that you can purchase the interviews through one of our valuable lifetime access packages and watch them at your own pace, go back to any that you have missed or zoom into the future for an interview you simply can’t wait to see!

Dr. O’Bryan, can I drink beer on a gluten-free diet, or what?

It’s superb to engage in the conversations that are occurring below the interview videos on the discussion boards. Your voice is being heard, I’m listening and interjecting when I can clarify and/or answer an open question. As I’ve said before and will say often…


 So, in regard to consuming beer on a gluten-free diet, Dr. Michael Marsh is truly the “Godfather of Celiac Disease Diagnosis”, but he would be the first to tell you he is not an expert in which foods work and do not work for each individual on a gluten-free diet. Personally, I urge caution before even thinking about breaking a diet by drinking gluten-containing beer.

This provides an excellent example of what we’ll see several times throughout the summit:

These interviews are conversations intended to bring important issues to the forefront of discussion, not endorsements of what is said.

As scientists, clinicians, moms, dads, nutritionists, teachers, dietitians, we often speak objectively, as in, this is the best thing for the whole world to do, yet we know that everyone is so very different–different in genetics, in environment, in habits–and we must look at the individual to determine what is truly best.

 That said, if you want to try beer, please first read this article about re-introducing gluten, and pay close attention to the words in red: THIS IS STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED. Once again, NOT RECOMMENDED, but if you are going to, then the information at the link above is the safest protocol.

I can see that you are enjoying, learning and moving the all-important needle of awareness about gluten-related disorders forward, and it makes me so unbelievably happy.”

Day 3 of The Gluten Summit

This is a very powerful story on how gluten free information may have saved a son!

“Why didn’t our Doctors consider this?” she asked.

 “Today, I received a thank you from a mother whose 21-year-old son with celiac disease recently committed suicide. “He loved his milk,” she said.  “1+ quarts per day.” Because of The Gluten Summit she now understands that cross-reactivitymay have been a possible contributor to his ongoing depression. “Why didn’t our Doctors consider this?” she asked me.

“Your Doctors didn’t know,” I replied.

We are only a few days into the summit and I am hearing this time and time again.


But, we are learning and we are changing the world.


Day 4 of The Gluten Summit

It is really remarkable that over 100,000 individuals registered for the gluten free information on The Gluten Summit!  The worlds first. The message on day 4 “heal the gut”

“You are now ONE of 100,000+ who attended the world’s FIRST Gluten Summit!

I have a “healthy gut” dance that I do once in awhile. My team went on a YouTube hunt for it today when we crossed the 100,0000 attendee mark and no one found it. Whew.

 For those of you who have seen me do it, you know the tune…


“Heal The Gut! Heal The Gut! Heal The Gut!”


Day 5 of The Gluten Summit

People from all levels including Doctors and practitioners have learned a great deal from The Gluten Summit.  What this means for you and I is our doctors, specialists are learning how to improve health care for you and I! Check this out:

“But first…

A very good, long-time friend of mine who also serves in a high-level position in academia came walking up to me last night, grinning from ear-to-ear. “Tom! I got a call today from a friend at one of the most prestigious universities in the world asking if I had anything to do with The Gluten Summit. Tom, he proceeded to tell me that even he learned from the summit.”

We haven’t dropped a pebble in a pond.

We’ve dropped a meteor in an ocean!


  • mother in Texas took her 11-year old son back to the doctor with printed transcripts highlighted and in hand to ask some hard questions;
  • woman in Australia sent a memo about the summit to doctors at her local medical office urging them to tune in;
  • restaurant owner in California gathered his staff for a teaching moment about speaking with customers and avoiding cross-contamination;
  • medical student in the U.S. learned more about gluten-related disorders in a few hours than she did after many years of schooling;
  • daughter in the U.K. grabbed her 83-year old father by the hand and listened to an interview about brain health with him…


It is no longer a possibility that the summit could change lives…


The conversation about difficult issues facing our family members has continued today. It has been a day of trying stories and virtual consolation, but we are becoming closer to each other for it–solidarity in the necessity to move the needle of awareness about gluten-related disorders forward!

gluten free information

 Day 6 of The Gluten Summit

Today we learned how listening to the Gluten Summit is really changing lives!  Check out the testimonies below:

Who knew that the “needle” would be a drumstick beating a drum heard ‘round the world?


I can’t thank you enough for sharing and supporting each other. I’m going to quickly (and anonymously) share a few notes that I received from you today…

“My son too was depressed and suicidal and instead of putting him on anti-depressants, I had to do research to find out what could be causing it, had to look for a holistic MD, get the right tests done, etc… sure enough, he was gluten sensitive. So if this mom’s tragic story can save others, it should be shared. I share my son’s story in hopes that it can help others.”

“I want to thank you for talking about the painful topics that hurt so many families, because you have described my son. It is with desperate determination that I seek answers. For nine years it has been my mission to keep my son healthy.”

Please do not stop sharing! My son has not been officially diagnosed with celiac. My husband, daughter and son will all attest that whatever his food issue(s) are they affect him mentally. As a mother, the one thing I do know is if I do not find answers to keep my son healthy I WILL LOSE HIM TO SOMETHING. The only advice I have been given from Doctors is keep doing what I am doing, because it is working.”

“I did not in any way find your information about depression and the loss of a life offensive. It took so much courage and passion to get this information out there, breaking down old patterns of thinking in mainstream medicine. To minimize or exclude certain types of information would be deleting the devastating impact gluten can have on our lives.”

To all of you, thank you, from the entirety of my heart.”

And today is Day 8 of The Gluten Summit

Day 8 and Dr Tom O’Bryan gets a chance to share his story about why he does this work!  Truly it blew me away and I feel it will help you realize how committed he is to sharing Gluten Free Information with the World to help make a positive change!


” Day 8! It’s the final day of presentations (before tomorrow’s Encore Day replays) and I can’t say enough about the week. We’re closing with the “Godfathers” of Gluten Sensitivity in Dr. Umberto Volta, and Autoimmunty in Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld. Plus, I spent an hour with Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness to speak about what an amazing week it has been! ”

Some quotes I collected over the past week on gluten free information from some of the experts:

“Every forkful you put in your mouth is either inflammatory or anti – inflammatory.  There are no neutrals except healthy water.  Everything is either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory.  And it’s our choice as to what we want to occur in our bodies” Dr. Tom O’Bryan

“If you can afford it, try to emulate the diet of our ancestors, the hunter-gathers.  Fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and fish as clsoe as you can get to the wild state” – Dr. Loren Cordain

“I can’t emphasize enough it’s so critical for us to balance our immune system and heal our gut.  If the only thing you take away from today is this and heal the gut and balance the immune system.  You do that to your patients, you’re going to see a vast increase in the health of them.” – Dr. Andrew Keech

“Neurological manifestations of gluten sensitivity are a scientific fact,not a theological issue.  Whilst the debate contineus we owe it to our patients to screem them effectively for gluten sensitivity with the widely avaialbe antigliadin antibody test so that we do not, in the meantime deprive them of a harmless but potentially effective treatment in the form of a gluten free diet.” – Dr. Marios Hadjivassiliou

“It’s the carbs that are the killers fundamentally because ultimately a high-carbohydrate diet leads to this modification of the protiens that dramatically increase inflammation and the production of damaging free radicals which damage our DNA, our fat, our protein and really every part of the body….The big issue, the thing that is of importance to 100% of humans on this planet , is the excessive carbohydrates in our diet.” – Dr David Perlmutter

So the gluten free information at the first Gluten Summit was really remarkable!  You still have time today to watch Dr. Tom O’Bryan in his emotional interview with Sean Here is the LINK

And if you missed the gluten free information at The Gluten Summit – Here is the LINK to the VIP Access package just in case you want to learn in your own time, and place!

As always let me know if I can help.  Would be great for you to share any comments you have on The Gluten Summit below.


Let today be your day! Talk soon,


Gluten Free Information - The Gluten Summit
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Gluten Free Information - The Gluten Summit
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