Gluten Free Lunch Idea

By | August 5, 2013

Gluten Free Lunch Idea

Here is a gluten free lunch idea that I had today that was so very simple to make and so amazingly tasty you will never want to eat processed food again!

Check it out.  This gluten free lunch idea is so simple, bacon, avocado and a field greens salad, side of celery.  The salad and avocado have lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper. It is that simple.  Put the bacon on a rack, place in the oven at 300 degrees for 2o minutes.  While the bacon is cooking, cut the avocado, onions, cherry tomatoes and celery placing them on the plate.  Salad dressing is a squeeze of lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Take bacon out of oven and place on plate.

gluten free lunch

From start to finish this whole gluten free lunch took less than 30 minutes.  And well worth every second it took to make it.

You see the important thing to think about with gluten free lunch ideas like this is you can make it the day before and take it with you to work, have it ready for lunch if you work from home or simply make it fresh when you are  ready to eat.

If you are living gluten free it is so vital to eat real food like this example here today of a gluten free lunch idea for your health and wellbeing.  You will not heal if your choice of food is processed, junk or packaged foods according to Dr. Osborne.

All of these products that are labelled gluten free for the most part of full of ingredients that are just as harmful and the gluten, these products are made in facilities that make other products that do contain gluten so their is cross-contamination.  Don’t be fooled.  Eat real food and this is why I shared this gluten free lunch idea here today.

Since I began eating these kinds of meals I feel great, have more energy, think better and have been able to reduce my weight without even thinking about it!

What kind of gluten free lunch ideas do you have?  Share them here.

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