Gluten Free Personal Care Resource

By | April 29, 2013

Gluten Free Personal Care Resource

Gluten seems to be in everything today!  When going gluten free there is so much to think about that the products in the bathroom for personal care may be forgotten.  This gluten free personal care resource will be a quick start and I am sure over time it will grow. Watch this quick 2:05 video to learn about personal care products.


Rather than spending hours trying to figure out what has gluten in it or not here are a few links for personal care products.


  • Toothpaste – “Those of us who cannot tolerate gluten must watch everything we put in our mouths (even if we’re not supposed to swallow it). So yes, we need to worry a little about gluten in toothpaste.”
  • Shampoo – “Yes, sticking with gluten-free shampoo and other hair care products could save you from several “mystery glutenings” a year … or more, depending on how sensitive you are to trace gluten.”
  • Medications – “Gluten is used as a ‘filler’ in these products and in medications, it is often an inactive ingredient. Unfortunately, even when you look at the package insert for the medication, it can be hard to know if the drug contains gluten, since it typically won’t list gluten or wheat, but will instead list the name of some cryptic filler. The words ‘starch’ or ‘stabilizer’ in the inactive ingredients can be clues to the presence of gluten, in addition to other inactive ingredients.”

Hope you find some useful information in the resources.  Would be great to hear your comments, questions below.

Let today be your day!  Talk soon,


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    That’s a really helpful resource to save people wondering about gluten content.



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