Good Habits Make A Lifestyle Transformation

Good Habits Make A Lifestyle Transformation

We all have habits and it seems to me that creating as many good habits as we can will  transform you in ways that may not be clear at this moment! This is what I have found for sure to be true.

You’ve heard the saying – “You are the culmination of your habits.”

Regardless of whether or not you know what the right thing to do is… … Your daily habits — the things you do without even thinking about it, will ultimately define who you are and how your body looks and feels in each moment of the day!

Exercise is the perfect example of creating good habits.

Most peop habitsle think they need to find the “secret to motivation” to stay consistent with exercise. When in reality…

There is no secret!

Motivation is a MYTH!

For example, even after decades of consistent training, most athletes are only motivated to workout about HALF the time.

If that!

In other words, it just happens automatically because they have built the good habit and ritual of exercise into their daily routine.

So whether they feel like it or not, they do it anyway.

Yes, you can use things like:

– Setting achievable goals
– Giving yourself rewards
– Creating deadlines or entering a contest
– Hiring a coach or trainer

….to build your daily good habits.

I know because I have tried all of these ideas, with some limited success. But they’ll never work permanently unless you know how to build them into your life as a habit and ritual. This is when the idea of good habits became the most powerful lifestyle transformation process for me.
Fortunately, there is a method used way back in 1949 by Donald Hebb, PhD from Harvard that’s been proven to work. It is powerful to find a method for your good habits to develop. And it might just change your life.

Read about it here: LINK 

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Good Habits Make A Lifestle Transformation
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Good Habits Make A Lifestle Transformation
We all have habits & it seems to me that creating as many good habits as we can will transform you in ways that may not be clear at this moment! More here

6 thoughts on “Good Habits Make A Lifestyle Transformation

  1. Marjo

    I totally agree with you. I remember somewhere around college when I finally figured out why I kept getting bad grades. It all boiled down to study habits. I learned that it’s pretty much the same in life, the things we do or want to be good at really boils down to our habits and deliberate practice. Great post.
    Marjo recently posted…Butter vs. Margarine: Difference and Nutrition FactsMy Profile

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Such huge learning at a young age! Thanks for sharing and connecting.

  2. Patrick

    Hey Wendy,
    This is perfectly put. Habit is such a powerful thing to cultivate. I wish I knew how to form them. I have tried to do a lot of stuff to get into the habit of meeting deadlines, but nothing seems to work.


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