Grief | My Beginning From Grief to Great in 2015!

By | June 27, 2016

Beginning From Grief to GreatMy Beginning From Grief to Great in 2015! Successes Shared

So my post today is the beginning from Grief to Great in 2015! Successes Shared. It has been busy over the last couple of days for sure. As I make my plans and begin the action steps to move forward in this the beginning from grief to great lifestyle transformation there is much to do for me to succeed. The challenge is for me to take everything one step at a time as to not get ahead of myself which I can do easily! LOL!

The other thing that I have implemented is a journal where I write privately each day my thoughts and feelings. On my mothers passing, the stress of dealing with those emotions, and other stresses as well as the good thoughts and feelings I am realising. I am finding it a wonderful way to take the overwhelm off my heart and leave it on paper. As I do this writing I sit and look out into the backyard where most of the times there are numerous cardinals that drop by as I begin to write. This makes me smile and my heart feels tremendous happiness with each cardinals visit!

Successes om the Grief to Great Journey

There are a few things that I have accomplished in the last couple of days that are helping me create positive momentum for my year of renewal and healing. I have started doing my guided meditations again. As mentioned before I listen to Kelly Howell – The Secret Universal Mind Meditation. What I really like about this guided meditation is the positive energy that goes into my mind and spirit as I listen. It just feels right at this time. My intention is to continue to listen to the same guided meditation for the next 6 weeks. YOUTUBE LINK

On Monday I began working out again. Now my plan is simply. 3 days a week I will lift weights and Monday’s workout felt great. A simple program of chest and back. 3 exercises for each. Chest press, incline press and flys, bent over dumbbells rows, pull ups and straight bar rows. It was awesome to work out again. Definitely been a long time and for me it always feels great to get back into the groove when it comes to my training. If you are a women over 40 you may want to use Shawna K’s Female Fat Loss over 40 program!

Yesterday I played. Which was really a great day.

A friend invited us over for a swim and sauna, then to a movie and dinner. I haven’t done anything like that in months, and what fun it was. It really made me realise how vitally important having fun is. Over the past few years fun hasn’t been a part of life so what a great day. Filled with gratitude for it and looking forward to much more fun.

And finally this morning did a quick drive up to the farm for our bio-diverse food. Fresh veggies and some meat. It is such a great drive, the sun was shining, very little traffic and an easy drive. The fridge and freezer are full of wonderfully great food. Over the next few weeks we will continue to eat our amazing farm raised/grown food, cooked in our own kitchen. Where we spend a good amount of time in preparation and enjoying.

So my beginning from grief to great in 2015 has had some good

Action is an important part of that success. As I continue down this path I do look forward to sharing my continued successes and challenges as they come up.

Now I am going to do my training for the day and meditation.

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How do you deal with your grief?

My Beginning From Grief to Great in 2015! Successes Shared
Article Name
My Beginning From Grief to Great in 2015! Successes Shared
So my post today is the beginning from Grief to Great in 2015! Successes Shared. I do look forward to sharing my continued successes & challenges stay tuned
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