Healing Thyroid Naturally? Is it possible? Wendy Myers Say Yes

By | May 14, 2014

Healing Thyroid Naturally? Is it possible?

healing thyroid naturally

Are we in a position for Healing Thyroid Naturally? It was very exciting to hear this is simply a yes!  You see I have been listening and learning at The Thyroid Sessions many different possibilities when it comes to healing thyroid naturally. Today I watched Wendy Myers, CHHC discuss the fact that it is entirely possible to heal the thyroid naturally.

A few things I learned about healing thyroid naturally

  • Going vegetarian is not a good choice when working on healing thyroid naturally.  Meat is a must!
  • HTMA (Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis) is an important tool in the work she does for healing thyroid naturally in her clients.
  • Blood test for thyroid often does not show the whole picture for thyroid health and this is where her Nutritional balancing program with HTMA tests prove beneficial

The Thyroid Sessions proved to be invaluable to learn how to heal your thyroid

  • Wendy along with a number of other speakers at The Thyroid Sessions have indicated that Chlorine, Fluoride as well as Bromine block and/or compete for iodine in the Thyroid
  • Because of these halogens, it is very important to drink spring water. Now, she said carbon filtered water would be ok. Be sure to use a shower filter and get rid of fluoride in your personal care products.  These are some very simple things that can be done right away
  • She also said, “Gluten and Soy are the enemies of the Thyroid”.  This is something at each presentation I have watched has been said over and over again!  Stop gluten!
  • Healing thyroid naturally is not an overnight happening.  Wendy said it can take a couple of years to heal using her protocol.  Interesting in my opinion many won’t even begin to try because they will want a quick fix.  And this is not always the best solution!  Here is the link to see more on Wendy Myers
  • Finally, this was an excellent interview on The Thyroid Sessions and totally worth purchasing the Digital Access Package for this one alone!  All of the sessions have been awesome and worth having in your health library!

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Let us hear how you are healing thyroid naturally?

Healing Thyroid Naturally? Is it Possible?
Article Name
Healing Thyroid Naturally? Is it Possible?
Do you think there is a possibility of healing thyroid naturally? I was told many years ago the answer to this question was no! The Thyroid Sessions Wendy Meyers CHHC, says YES!
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