9 thoughts on “Health and Wellness Savings Account

  1. Stella Scott

    This is an excellent idea Wendy! Sitting down and doing some honest inventory of what is going on with your health on several levels would serve many. Knowing the base on wich you stand makes it possible to take decisions. I do hope many will take this to heart and will share along the way! 🙂

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Thank you Stella! I do appreciate your input and support! Thanks again, Wendy 🙂

  2. Jodene

    A health & wealth savings account is a great idea and something that more people should consider implementing in their daily lives. Especially in today’s time. Food has so much more chemicals and preservatives and have had the nutrition sucked right out of the food.
    The savings account is a great idea.
    ~ Jodene


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