Health plateau!

By | April 4, 2013

Health plateau! What are you going to do?

I enjoy watching marketing seminars to get ideas for the health and fitness field.  Yesterday I was watching Corbett Barr and Derek Halpern discuss Derek’s success in his latest project.  One of the ideas that was shared was the idea of hitting plateaus. Are you living on a health plateau?

This is where I became very interested.  Here is what was said – “What got you here – won’t get you there”.  True?  I believe so especially when we look at our own health and fitness.

If you are finding you have hit a health, fitness or weight loss plateau what will you do differently?  This was a big question for me over a year ago.  I have made all kinds of changes to my eating strategy over the past 15 years and I was still struggling to reduce my weight and feel more energetic.  It had been suggested to me that I might be Gluten Intolerant however I wasn’t listening.  As I have said before I was listening to the Paleo Summit and heard Dr Tom O’Bryan provide symptoms for Gluten Intolerance.  Bingo!  Immediately wheat, grains and gluten were eliminated from my daily food intake.

I committed to 30 days.  At the end of 30 days I would look at how I felt, and if it was worth it.  It was and I continued for 90 more days.  I was amazed at how great I felt. It was easy because I was ready to move through the plateau I had been on for so long.

About 25 lbs later, more energy, none of the constant pain I had been living with for years I was hooked.  I then began investigating the Paleo Lifestyle.  I found Practical Paleo (affiliate link) by Diane Sanfilippo.  Awesome resource, it was almost like her story was my story, and she provides great structure as well as recipes.

Are you living on a health plateau?  What are you doing to do? What go you here – won’t get you there!  Go ahead and give 30 days of living wheat, grain and gluten free.  You might just move to the other side of that health plateau and feel like a whole new you!

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  1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    Yes Mike grains are at the bottom of the food pyramid and that is not necessarily a good thing. As the article says! I have been off all grains for a year and feel great. Let me know if I can help. Wendy


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