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health resourcesOur Health Resources are here to help you live with the idea that “Lifestyle As Medicine” rather than having outsourced our lives including how we are feeding ourselves and our families!

This has created a society of individuals who are chronically ill and struggling to feel well in all areas including weight. When we eat Real Food in our own kitchen’s we get to decide what is going into our bodies and that of our families bodies! Time to get out the Pots & Pans and find a way back to Real Food in our own kitchen! A Lifestyle As Medicine Revolution begins with Real Food in our own kitchen and here we provide tips, ideas, recipes and much more for great health!

This single step puts you on the road to living your Lifestyle as Medicine.  From here we begin to help you learn how to exercise in line with your goals.
Working with Wendy allows clients to be clear on achieving their a healthier lifestyle. Her no nonsense approach along with her passion allows clients to reach their potential & their goals in a non-judgemental environment. Let Wendy know how she can help you live the life you believe in your heart is possible if you just knew how!

Health Resources:

The 6 Pillars of Wellness – One of our unique health resources because we will help you improve your health and fitness on many levels through coaching you to achieve your desired success of the 6 Pillars Of Wellness.  This is an opportunity for you to open your heart and mind to a whole new way of eating and training. 

3 1 hr. Session One on One Holistic Lifestyle Coaching  Package – $350.00

6 1 hr. Session One on One Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Package – $550.00

12 1 hr. Session One on One Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Package – $ $1050.00

Wendy feels self education is vital for great health and one of your best health resources.  Partly because what you focus on is what you get, and because education puts you into the mindset to do better! Wendy feels that good health is possible in a natural cures kinds of way and Wendy walks the talk by continually educating herself through online courses and health summits.

Health Resources – Online Health Summits “Lifestyle as Medicine”: natural cures

The Online Summits that Wendy highly recommends anyone looking for better health are below. Now what I would suggest is begin with at least one summit that resonates with you.  Take the time to study, learn and most importantly implement the news ideas you are learning for your life.  For example when I was listening to The Paleo Summit, I heard Dr. O’Bryan explain symptoms that I had been struggling with for years that made no sense to me.  With that piece of information I then went into action immediately to experiment with  a gluten free diet for 30 days to see if I felt better. Remarkably it only took 4 or 5 days for me to feel noticeably better.  At the 30 day point there was no going back because I felt so good.  That is the power of these education summits. And the price is nominal compared to the heights you can go in your own wellness journey!

The Paleo SummitLINK HERE  – Meat Consumption DOES NOT Cause Heart Attacks, But this Absolutely Loaded Paleo Package Just Might! Read the Page Below to Learn How You Can Get Lifetime Access to the Paleo Summit Recordings, Videos, Transcripts, and Bonuses at a Price that will Likely Shock You!

The Real Food ConLINK HERE –  Get Hundreds of The Latest, Most Cutting-Edge Secrets to Stunning Health, Beauty, Fat Loss and Longevity That Big Food Companies, the FDA and Mainstream Medicine…DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW

The Real Food SummitLINK HERE – Real Food Summit Home with You! The Real Food Summit Take-Home Package is 9 days (over 20 hours!) of video/audio presentations from real farmers, doctors, researchers, and authors that will give you all of the information you need to end the diet madness once and for all. You’ll be able to download and watch the video slideshow presentations right on your computer or iPad, listen to the audio versions on your mp3 player or smart phone, or read the over-300 pages of transcripts as often as your health desires

The Thyroid SessionsLINK HERE – EVERYTHING YOUR DOCTOR DIDN’T TELL YOU About Thyroid Problems – Finally Learn the Formula for Healing Your Thyroid from 24 of the World’s Most Renowned Thyroid Experts, So You Can Move on with Your Life!

The Gluten Summit LINK HERE – 29 experts and opinion leaders gathered to prove to the world that it MUST ask, “Could health issues be caused by gluten?”  THE ANSWERS THEY GAVE WERE ASTONISHING!  Is gluten the cause of your health problems? It very well could be. Fortunately, Dr. Tom O’Bryan has made it part of his personal mission to move this question into today’s conversations between patients and healthcare professionals. Asking it could, potentially, improve the lives of millions now instead of years from now, which is how long it often takes for ground breaking research to make it to mainstream practice.

Eating Psychology Online Conference 2nd AnnualLINK HERE – The well-loved online events! The 2nd Annual Eating Psychology Online Conference was such a very sweet success. The feedback was wonderful, and so many people had life changing insights and moments. Still others found new hope and new resources, and were inspired in a big way by the presenters. There was tons of practical information and participants were given some truly great value.

The Future Of Nutrition LINK HERE – Welcome to the world’s biggest online nutrition event! Created and sponsored by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the Future of Nutrition Conference is a gathering of some of the most insightful and cutting edge thought leaders. Get ready for some powerful content and daring ideas that are designed to take us into a positive nutritional future. We trust you’ll enjoy these creative interviews and find plenty of inspired strategies and breakthrough information for your own metabolic journey.

The Evolution of MedicineLINK HERE –  We’ll make medicine work for you with these 37 talks from The Evolution of Medicine Summit! Medicine is evolving to solve the modern epidemics of chronic disease, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and a range of autoimmune diseases. Our summit brings light to the work of the visionaries and innovators leading this evolution, and also sets a unique vision for a more evolved healthcare system. This vision is empowered, proactive and involves your participation.

The Natural Cures MovementLINK HERE – Discover the Secrets to Naturally Heal Your Body…ONCE AND FOR ALL! With 30 presentations about healing with home remedies and natural cures you could begin the path to better health and disease prevention NOW! The Natural Cures Movement brings rich experience and thought leadership from diverse areas within health care to provide you with all of the healing information you need.

For Women Only: The Weight Loss SolutionLINK HERE – “The Complete Solution To ALL Your Weight Loss Challenges” Finally… Melt Frustrating, Unwanted Fat… LOVE What You Eat… Skyrocket Your Energy… And Look 5, 10 even 20 Years Younger…

The Essential Oils SummitLINK HERE – When Mother Nature provides the medicine…People all across the world are scrambling to find natural solutions to their health problems. Of all the “alternative” options, essential oils are currently the hottest trend toward regaining control of your health!

Functional Health SummitLINK HERE – OVER 31,000 PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE WORLD HAVE BENEFITED FROM THE SUMMIT… WILL YOU BE NEXT? Get Over 35 Hours of Life-Changing & Health Boosting Content From 36 World-Renowned Experts In Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Medicine!

Healthy Traveller’s SummitLINK HERE – Roughly 1 billion people travel by aircraft yearly. Imagine how many of those travelers come on board with colds, germs and even disease…yuk! Check this out.. Dr. Robyn Benson is soon-to-launch a revolutionary summit teaching us all how to build a Super Immunity and ward off fatigue, achiness and sickness during and after travel. Help pass it on! #healthysummit

Organic Personal Care Products – One of our favourite health resources that use daily since 2008

We believe that in eliminating toxic personal care products from our daily use will ease the stress on our bodies! We have chooses MiEssence products.  Miessence is the world’s first extensive range of internationally certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutritional products. These range of products stand in a class of their own. They are independently certified to international food grade standards by some of the world’s most respected organic certifying organisations – Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and IFOAM (Europe). The passion for developing superior organic health, beauty and nutritional products continues with new, innovative lines under constant development. All Miessence products have been extensively researched and developed for quality and effectiveness using pure natural ingredients without any artificial chemical processing.

real food

Bonus when you work with us through your purchase of any of our programs, products and Health Summits, you will join our private group Facebook group for support, coaching, tips, ideas and more. Just send a note with your receipt of purchase and we will add you to the group

One of our Health Resources for you is to be sure to Join our email membership group, get your FREE copy of “Your Golden Ticket To Health and Success” e-book by simply filling in your best email:

So there you have our best health resources and now it’s your turn to let us know how we can help?

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Coaching with Wendy Bottrell - Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Wendy feels we have outsourced our lives including how we are feeding ourselves and our families! Coaching with Wendy will help you turn this around.

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    As a medicine practitioner, being healthy is very important. That’s why enhancing your knowledge about how you can stay healthy is one good thing. Making it more possible and lively to live without hesitation and fear to be negate on the things you’re doing is a great feeling.


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