Is moderation OK?

By | April 13, 2013

Is moderation OK?

So I wrote a blog post back in March of this year about the Top 10 Worst Nutritional and Dietary Mistakes People Make. Go here to see that post.

In that post I talk about #8 mistake,  Believing that junk food “in moderation” is OK.  I have been thinking quite a bit about this post and the #8 mistake these days because I have rec’d a number of comments about exactly this topic.  Many individuals use the word “cheat” when talking about eating these foods in moderation.  This has always struck me as an interesting perspective. Who exactly is being “cheated”?  And why is it OK for us to cheat on ourselves?

We learn at a very young age that cheating is not a good thing and it certainly is not an honorable thing for us to do!  Yet when it comes to out eating habits as adults we seem to be able to tell ourselves that a little bit once in a while is OK even if that little bit affects our health negatively!

Here is #8

8 ) Believing that junk food “in moderation” is OK.

3fries Always learning, always changingThis is a biggie. People will rationalize ‘til Sunday why it’s OK for them to eat French fries or potato chips “once in a while” or have their daily beer. While it’s true that it really isn’t what you do “once in a while” that usually determines your ultimate health or success in life (of course, the definition of “once in a while” is another interesting thing to consider) but what you do consistently that  matters most…this does have its exceptions.

For instance, the only genuinely safe amount of trans-fats in anyone’s diet is ZERO. A single serving of trans-fat in French fries or chips may take up to two years for one’s body to fully eliminate, and its biological effects on your system in the meantime are chaotic and anyone’s guess as to how deleterious they are likely to be. Is “occasional” Russian roulette an “OK” thing? MSG is an excitotoxin and always does some degree of neurological damage. Is neurological damage “in moderation” OK? Furthermore, sugar consumption in any quantity is damaging and dysregulating to the system. Some of the effects are reversible and some not. Ultimately, it is the cumulative effect associated with glycation and insulin production that determine our health and life span. We live in a world where we can ill-afford any compromise to our health or well-being. Every meal matters. Is “a little hormonal chaos” or “just a tad”of systemic damage acceptable?

In the end, it’s all a matter of what you prioritize. If health really matters to you, then the less you compromise it, the better. If superficial indulgence matters more…then I doubt you would be reading this. It’s a choice we make. We need to make our choices more consciously and thoughtfully–and less impulsively. Furthermore, the less you compromise your health, the easier it becomes not to compromise (you just don’t get tempted after a while) AND the least likely you are to backslide and fall back into less healthy patterns of eating. –Like the Nike ad says: “Just Do It”. Stick to your guns. Maintain your “health integrity”. The ongoing and positively cumulative payoff will well exceed any superficial compromise to your impulsive desires. Your quality of life will not suffer in the absence of French fries, candy, potato chips, dessert or doughnuts. If you think it will, then you may need to take a look at what may be either addictions or a lack of healthy priorities.

So the point of this post is to ask the question Is Moderation OK & how do you feel about the topic of  Believing that junk food “in moderation” is OK now?  For me after reading this article I stopped having my every so often snack of potato chips!

And if you now have changed your mind on occasional “cheating” what kind of info would you require to maintain your “health integrity”?

Please leave your comments, questions below.

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