Life Lessons Learned Reffing Ice Hockey

By | December 20, 2012

Life Lessons Learned  Reffing Ice Hockey

Today I am sharing the life lessonslife lessons learned reffing ice hockey!  Ice Hockey is the sport I am passionate about.  Now, I have played since I was a kid however in the last 15 years I went from playing to reffing hockey.  Girls hockey to be exact.

Reffing ice hockey is a tough job. There are many life lessons I learned along the journey. Some of those life lessons were really challenging and I wanted to quit many times. Parents, coaches, and fans screaming, yelling and calling us names is not a fun way to spend an hour, however, most ref’s do it because they are passionate about ice hockey.

Maybe you will see the same value.

3 Life Lessons I learned from my years of reffing ice hockey

  • Know the ice hockey rules – hockey is an interesting game.  In fact, in Canada, it is the National Winter Sport.  This means millions of people watch the game every week.  Most of them think they know the rules.  They scream and yell at the referee all the time.   I have played for years and kind of knew the rules however I didn’t really know them completely for many years.  What’s interesting about knowing the rules is the game is easier.  Knowing the rules actually increased my confidence when everyone was screaming at me.  The game was way more fun to ref when I really knew the rules.  I would be on the ice some evenings and be quite amazed at how poorly parents, grandparents, siblings will act towards the referee on the ice.  The names I have been called, screamed at would be shocking for most individuals.  What I learned about knowing ( I mean really knowing the rules) is I was more confident, I had more fun, and my work was far superior.  I have found this to be true for business.  Knowing the rules of the industry I am in it is much easier to communicate, comprehend and ultimately succeed!

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  • Have the correct equipment – when I first started reffing all my equipment was old, worn out, old, and some of it was not even proper referee equipment.  When I would arrive the arena and begin bringing my equipment out to get changed and more seasoned refs would see my equipment you could visibly see them freak out!  They would freak out because they made a judgment about me by the equipment I had.  How often does that happen in life?  People judge us by what they see not by the facts.  If a colleague sees you using an antique computer what are they going to think?  What if you are using really old software and trying to communicate with someone who is using the most current software.  It will most likely be a challenge.  Once I purchased new equipment I was treated differently!  It was also safer for me to be on the ice.  I was more protected from getting hurt.  It is very important to have the correct equipment.
  • Know how to communicate – when I started reffing everything I did was rushed.  I would make calls so quickly know one would really know what call I had just.  Over time I learned to slow down, make sure my audience was paying attention then I made the call.  It was really quite remarkable the difference in how I was able to communicate with players and coaches.  On the other side of the communication was my partner or partners.  I had always worked alone and didn’t really have to communicate on a minute by minute basis.  When I was on the ice I not only had to know what I was doing, I also had to know what my partner was doing.  Improving my communication with my partner improved our game.  There was a flow to it that just made it all easier.  Have you seen that in your business?  When you learn to get your audience’s attention, slow down and then clearly share your message everyone hears it with no misunderstanding.  Powerful!

This List of Life Lessons Learned Has Helped My Business

For me, the game of hockey and my business have a lot in common.  Both are fast paced, exciting, demanding and a lot of fun,  For our business we must know the rules just like hockey.  We must have to correct equipment.  I work in a home office.  I do need to have the correct equipment for me to operate my business easily, effortlessly and professionally, just like I needed the correct equipment on the ice.  And I had to learn how to communicate on the ice just like I have had to learn how to communicate to my clients.  Each profession has its own language and in business, it is important to learn how to communicate effectively with your clients.

If you are looking to create an online presence for your business it is vital that you create your YOU Inc. brand.

Reffing ice hockey provided me valuable lessons learned in life.

So, now it’s your turn to share life lessons you have learned that allow you to shine in your life?

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What I learned from reffing ice hockey!
Article Name
What I learned from reffing ice hockey!
What I learned from reffing ice hockey! There were many life lessons learned at the hockey rink & I will share the 3 I feel were the most important for me.
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