Lifestyle Transformation Exercise For Great Health!

By | September 10, 2014

Lifestyle Transformation Exercise For Great HealthLifestyle Transformation Exercise For Great Health!

So I have been listening/learning at The Evolution of Medicine Summit this week and a common theme has been lifestyle transformation exercise for great health!  Now, what the heck does that mean, right? Well here is what I have felt and now continue to learn through some really amazing speakers, exercise, fitness, will transform your health and as David Katz, MD says “Lifestyle is Medicine.”  Now in my mind that is powerful!  And exercise can no longer be simply something you will do in the future, well think about anyway.  You must take action to transforms your health, your life and today is the perfect time to begin

We really need to get up and get moving to have a lifestyle transformation!
Here is what I have learned so far about why exercise is so vital for your lifestyle transformation.
  • exercise reduces stress (the topic of stress came up in pretty much each session I listened to, so it is a big deal)
  • if you are not participating in exercise right now, begin a program as an experiement to see for yourself how much better you can feel
  • exercise makes a difference for a healthy heart
  • the fitter you are the less plaque you will grow, the healthier you will remain
  • exercise is the first of the 6 pillars of wellness according to David Katz, MD
  • physical activity affects longevity
  • physical activity affects quality of life
  • anyone can exercise anywhere (short bursts of exercise)
  • “if a women diagnosed with breast cancer increases her exercise actibity she decreases her risk of death by 45%” Lisa Alschuler, ND
Lifestyle Transformation Exercise!

Loving your body and engaging in a regular exercise work-out plan is always a fool-proof way to a healthier you. Physical fitness is your body’s ability to do tasks and leisure activities. It is your body’s capacity to withstand stress, endure and perform certain tasks under certain circumstances.

Exercise talks about an over-all focus on the body – the heart, the lungs, the muscles, and the other organs of the body. Your body’s fitness is dependent on your physical limitations and capacities as well as your lifestyle – the food you eat and your daily habits.

Here’s a backgrounder on the different components of exercise. There’s endurance, the body’s ability to sustain oxygen and nutrients to tissues over a sustained period of time. Strength, on the other hand, is the ability of the muscle to exert force for a period of time. Flexibility is the ability to move joints and use muscles in a wide range of activities and movements. Swimming, running and jogging are some of the activities that can build endurance while pushups and weight lifting are good for building muscle strength.

Your workout must include activities that focus and develop these components. Remember to have a warm-up before starting your work-out. A warm-up conditions and prepares the muscles for the more rigorous activities of your work-out plan. At the same time, it should end with a cool down, a moment wherein the muscles are given time to relax after a heavy work-out session. Remember not to overdo your exercise. A daily walk may sound good, but a daily session of pushups may do more harm than good to your muscles. Space your physical activities such that the body is used to a variety of physical activities, ranging from the simple to the more complex, from cardiovascular exercises to strength exercises. Two to three work-out sessions for a week is a good way to start. As you progress in your activities, you can now increase the frequency or duration of your exercises. ( The Home Workout Revolution is the program we suggest)

Take note of your diet. If you’re exercising because you want to lose weight at the same time build up your fitness, then the less calorie intake you have the better. Cycling can burn 240-410 calories while jogging can burn 740-920 calories. In general, avoid salty food and sweets. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. Lessen your intake of saturated fat and take lots of water.

Of course, keeping fit and staying fit means listening to your body. Allow your body to adjust with each change in routine and exercises. If you’re experiencing cramps, dizziness or prolonged weakness, stop your work-out and consult a doctor. And most of all, never be discouraged. Take note, achieving the health you want is not an overnight miracle.

A physically fit body means lesser chances of acquiring lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease or even cancer. It also spells a more active and alert mind, improved ability to cope with stress and more reserved energy for your daily activities. And let’s not forget a more confident YOU!

How do you see lifestyle transformation exercise for great health?  Have you been able to implement an exercise program for your great health?  Share your lifestyle transformation below!

Let today be your day! Talk soon,

PPS – If you are not sure on an effective exercise program be sure to check out The Home Workout Revolution – complete with instruction videos for your lifestyle transformation exercise for great health success!

Lifestyle Transformation Exercise For Great Health!
Article Name
Lifestyle Transformation Exercise For Great Health!
So I have been listening/learning at The Evolution of Medicine Summit this week and a common theme has been lifestyle transformation exercise for great health!

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