Sleep Success With These Tips For Your Best Life

This post was last updated:27/01/17Tweet Sleep Success With These Tips For Your Best Life I want to share some ideas for sleep success because it is one of the most forgotten aspects of holistic health! When I took my HLC 1 course in 2008, sleep was considered the forgotten or throw away health practice. Today getting… Read More »

Evolution of Medicine Summit – Healthcare From Scratch

This post was last updated:9/06/17Tweet Join us for the Evolution of Medicine Summit – Healthcare From Scratch The Evolution of Medicine Summit can help you avoid chronic disease, keep your family healthy and discover a system for health that actually works! Chronic diseases could kill 52 million per year… Today, our healthcare system works well when… Read More »

Teen Health Summit (R)evolution ! Join The Conversation Now

This post was last updated:19/09/16Tweet  Join the Children’s & Teen Health (R)evolution! We need a children’s and teen health revolution! What could be more important than the health and wellbeing of our young people? What is happening to our kids? And what can we do about it? ADHD, Autism, mood disorders, autoimmunity are on the rapid… Read More »

Mental Wellness Summit – Designed With Everyone In Mind

This post was last updated:20/01/17Tweet The Mental Wellness Summit is an educational and empowering experience that explores better ways to approach and treat mental health from a root cause perspective–it’s designed with everyone in mind.. Why Attend The Mental Wellness Summit? Today’s powerful treatment options, including specialized diet and improved nutrition, integrative medicine, naturopathy and… Read More »