Managing Stress Today- What You Need To Know

By | February 24, 2014

Managing Stress Today- What You Need To Know

managing stressStress is one of the most difficult challenges in the modern world and managing stress is more important today than ever before.  Especially when economic times are hard, it seems that stress just continues to mount.  What you may not know is that stress can affect more than just your thoughts and emotions.  In fact, when it comes to your body, getting rid of stress can actually help you get healthier.

Stress causes hormonal imbalances in the body.  In particular, there is a hormone called cortisol that becomes unbalanced and causes fat to accumulate around the waistline.  When you start managing stress, you shrink belly fat.  Here are some tips to help you accomplish your goals.

Ideas for managing stress effects

First, take a look at the things that are causing you the most stress.  For some people, a financial crisis is a cause for anxiety and for others, it’s simply being overscheduled.  Maybe you have relationships in your life that are adding to your stress.  It could be that your job is getting you down.  And what’s even more difficult is when you have stress coming from more than one source.

You’ll need to do whatever you can to eliminate the things that are causing stress.  In some cases, that’s easy – like canceling an optional activity that’s taking too much of your time.  But in other cases, you won’t be able to get rid of the things that are causing stress.

In that case, you’ll start managing stress levels by learning strategies in your life.  

For example, physical activity is often a great way to tackle the physical symptoms of stress such as fatigue, headaches, and muscle pains.  In addition, you’ll begin to burn fat from all areas of your body.

Activities such as meditation, proper breathing techniques, and yoga can also help to calm your mind and relax your body.  You’ll begin to have balance again and your body will grow healthier.  You’ll notice that you’ll begin to manage stress as you restore a sense of peace and overall wellness.  Even if you just take five to ten minutes each day to quiet your mind and relax, you’ll achieve benefits.

Keeping a journal is another good way to manage stress!  

It will help you to get ideas on paper and get to the root of what is bothering you.  It will also help you to keep track of ideas that can help to solve your problems.

Begin transforming your relationship with food as a way to begin managing stress.  In today’s modern world of highly processed, packaged foods can create a great deal of stress for the body.  By moving away from a processed diet to a real food diet, cooked in your own kitchen will definitely help you in managing stress.  Eating less sugar, dairy for some, removing gluten, wheat, grains will help with reducing stress.

How are you managing stress in your life?

What is the one thing you do daily for your better wellbeing? Check out our latest healthy idea Share that one thing in the comments area!

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How are you managing stress?

Managing Stress Today- What You Need To Know
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Managing Stress Today- What You Need To Know
Stress is one of the most difficult challenges in the modern world and managing stress is more important today than ever before. Learn how to manage stress.
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  1. Tara @ I'm Fit Possible

    Hi Wendy, I try and practice yoga as often as possible to keep my stress levels to a minimum! I shut off social media 30 minutes before bed so I can unwind! Cheers! Tara

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Hi Tara, thanks for connecting and adding such great value for managing stress! Yoga and shutting off social media 30 minutes before bed are such great ways to manage stress! Thanks again.


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