Missed Opportunities – We Must Learn To Focus

By | February 13, 2014

 Missed Opportunities – We Must Learn To Focus

Find your way to eat an optimal real food diet! Find your way to include exercise in your life daily! Find a way to play! Find your way to connect with others! Find your way to do what will bring you to optimal well being!

 missed opportunities

Here is what I mean. When it comes to the optimal health, fitness and well being space there is more content than you will ever be able to get through. Just Google Optimal Health and you will see 33,300,000 results.  Wellbeing 17,200,000 results.  Fitness  413,000,000 results. Missed opportunities in these areas are most likely for many people.

Don’t let missed opportunities happen in this digital age

We as humans in this digital age just haven’t caught up with all the information however it is vital that we begin to find the thing that works for each of us as individuals and do that one thing!  Stop believing it is not possible to have optimal health! Stop living with your missed opportunities – learn to focus on the activities that bring you closest to feeling great.

When I first realized that gluten was a huge health issue for me I decided that I must eliminate it for at least 30 days.  So began my experiment in gluten, wheat and grain free living. I had to focus on the one thing, do it until I was good at it, do it until it was easy, routine and a part of my daily practice.  I had to stop looking at any others possible ways for me to eat!  I had to learn how to do gluten, wheat and grain free living for me.  Why is this point so important? Because I was told a few years prior that gluten was probably an issue for me.  I wasn’t listening because I was so interested in looking at all the things that it might be I couldn’t see this was a missed opportunity for my optimal health!

It took another 2 years for me to realize this! And I don’t want that for you! Do have those missed opportunities for you and your family!  Maybe you realize you have to make some changes in your life and have been telling yourself “I can’t?” Remember whatever you tell yourself is true! Don’t have missed opportunities simply by telling yourself something that is within your control to change.

We must learn to focus

Are you looking at those newest diets, thinking this will be the one?  The newest fad in exercise?  To have success, move into optimal health, well being you must learn to focus, practice, get good at it. Do the thing for at least 30 days, monitoring, yet holding your course.  This is the only way to see what is working for you.

Maybe now is the time to take your brain power and do the 1 thing that will benefit your optimal health and just “blow it up” right now, today!

What is the one thing you can begin today so you won’t have your missed opportunities? Leave your comments, questions below.

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Missed Opportunities - We Must Learn To Focus
Article Name
Missed Opportunities - We Must Learn To Focus
We are living in a world of massive information today and because of that there are missed opportunities! We must learn to focus and do the one thing!

10 thoughts on “Missed Opportunities – We Must Learn To Focus

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Yes it is interesting how we get our messages! Thanks for connecting

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Yes just walk in the meantime is a great idea! Let me know if I can help

  1. Chris

    This is a great post! One thing I’ve had to continue to work on (not a new thing) is reminding myself to eat better, esp since I’m carrying Spawn. To help me move further along with my one thing that will help me get to optimal health – I keep a food diary! It helps me count how many servings of proteins, veggies, carbs, etc I need to get in – and how funny it is that the healthier you eat, the less room you have for junkfood? 🙂

    (Found you off the SITS fb group’s Thurs post! Hi!)
    Chris recently posted…Friday Five 2.14.14: Valentine’s Day Edition – Customer ServiceMy Profile

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Great to hear you are keeping a food diary! And yes the healthier you eat the less room for junk food! Awesome right? Thanks for connecting

  2. Angie

    I have totally learned to focus on what works for me in terms of exercise and diet. I quit the gym a long time ago and workout at home with youtube and it is perfect. In a fraction of the time I get just a good a workout. The whole idea of going to the gym was just daunting, now I just need a mat and I’m good to go.

    Angie from
    reasons to dress take a glimpse into my euro mommy life
    Angie recently posted…Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana in Modena – Part 2 “A Normal Person’s Review”My Profile

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Way to go Angie! Finding what works for you with regards to your diet and training is so vital for success. I, like you have been working out from home for years. It is the best. Let me know if I can help

  3. Tickles & Tots

    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You will be proud I just made Gluten Free Pancakes with Organic Agave! Delish! I am still learning about gluten-free eating, I eat a lot of organic foods and we watch our wheat intake as much as we can. I will definitely use your site as a resource for Gluten-free living. Thanks for all the great tips!
    Tickles & Tots recently posted…Book Review: Ask Me Anything, LordMy Profile

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      So glad to hear you eat a lot of organic foods! Honestly cutting out wheat seems to be the best for health these days. Let me know if I can help


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