More lessons from the bike

By | April 27, 2013

More lessons from the bike

The weather here in Toronto is starting to feel like spring and so it is time to get the bike back on the road for the season!  Back in January I posted about the lessons I learned from the bike and today I have a couple of new lessons to add!  So here are more lessons from the bike!  Be sure to read to the end because there is a link for a FREE 10 minute workout!

Back in 2010 I had an accident where I tore my MCL and hurt my back.  I couldn’t walk, lie down and recovering from this injury was taking a long time.  As I was in rehab I decided that a big goal was necessary for me to remain motivated.  So I decided that I would commit to riding my bicycle 660 k in the summer of 2011..

FFLBR 2011 2 007 300x225 Lessons learned from my bike

These are the Lessons learned from my bike:

  • Be prepared – which meant for me to get a bike and all the proper bike equipment for the trip, take part in all the lessons on fixing a bike on the road, learning how to ride hills,  take part in all the training & training  rides (about 1500 k prior to the trip), getting a tent and all necessary camping equipment.
  • Eat well – I learned it was better to refuel with the fresh fruit than with the junk food.  I felt better and was more energized.
  • Water up – this is a very important lesson.  Having enough water on each leg of the training rides and trip was really important.
  • Focus – I found this to be most interesting.  There were many times on this whole journey that I would ride for a very long time alone with my own thoughts.  It was so very important for me to realize I must focus on the rode, my speed, my safety.  There were times when it was a huge challenge and I had to be in full control of each and every thought.
  • Pace myself – In the beginning I would start out at a pace that was way above my capability.  Those times I did this the whole ride would be a challenge because I would burn out early.  Then struggle.  Once I learned what my pace was every ride became way more enjoyable.
  • Challenge myself once – As we were training for the ride we were told if we did at least 20 k we would meet all requirements daily for the ride.   On the 5th day of the trip I decided to see what I could really accomplish if I Challenged myself.  So I did and it was the most awesome day of the trip for me.  I rode faster and farther quicker than any time before on the trip.  I was able to keep up with riders 1/2 my age, and it was awesome.
  • Respect the road – there are all kinds of challenges riding on the road and it is very important to respect this.
  • Learn from everyone – there were roughly 400 people taking part in this trip.  It was a great opportunity to connect, chat and learn from others.  I am grateful for this!
  • Know how to put up the tent –  LOL!  This is kind of the same as being prepared only different.  Not being a camper I had no idea how to put the tent up and it took me 3 days till I finally was able to do this easily.  After being on a bike for 100+ putting the tent up easily and effortlessly made the end of the day more enjoyable. icon smile Lessons learned from my bike
  • Don’t Quit/Go the Distance –  I feel this is one of the most valuable lessons learned from my bike – on the second day of the trip it rained so hard and long departure was delayed and it was the longest day for riding 126 k.  This day we could have decided not to ride the complete distance or we could Go the Distance which is what we did.  We never quit, never even thought about quitting.  It was another awesome moment in this 6 day event.
  • Enjoy the Whole Journey – my final lesson I will list here is about enjoyment.  We met awesome people, we saw amazing scenery that many people will not ever see between Toronto and Montreal.  Breath taking.  We laughed, we melted down, we had an amazing time and the lessons learned from my bike will stay with me for a lifetime!

fflbr2011 064 300x225 Lessons learned from my bike


The lessons I have learned since this posting:

  • Play – this past week has been very stressful and what came to mind was the need to play.  Being on my bike brings me that feeling of playing. The freedom just to be in the moment with no other intentions than pedal.  And today I intend to get my bike prepared and go out on the roal to play!

It is my hope for you that you will take a moment and consider the lessons learned from my bike as you continue on your health/wellness/fitness journey.

Prepare yourself for change, eat well (real food), focus on your goal, have the right equipment, pace yourself, have respect for yourself, learn from everyone, water up, challenge yourself  once to stay on the path and do something you’ve never done, don’t quit/go the distance and finally enjoy the whole journey!  And Play when you can! It will be so worth it!

Including an daily exercise program is important for long term health/wellness/fitness.  Many women don’t like going to the gym because they feel like they don’t know what to do!  I have included Turbulence Training into my daily program because it is easy, simple to do instructions and all the exercises can be done at home, in the office or on the road.  Check it out here to get Free 10 Minute Workout PDF .

Share your comments below on what lessons from my bike you can implement into your journey starting today?

Let today be your day!  Talk soon,


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  1. Jan Kearney

    It’s been years since I have been on a bike! That was an epic ride – congrats on completing it (I feel saddle sore even thinking about it!)
    The final lesson is definately important – take the time to play – I hope you enjoyed your ride 🙂


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