Real Food Grocery Shopping

By | October 9, 2013

Real Food Grocery Shopping


real food grocery shopping



Once you commit to real food grocery shopping the easiest way to shop is to follow the perimeter of the store for your food.  Fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, milk are all there.  The highly processed and highly profitable fooods are in the middle of the store and not vital to your well being.

Watching this short video you will find out why the path to your quart of milk is the furthest possible distance from the front door of the store!  It really is about marketing when it comes to food placement as you will also learn in the video!

Check out this video now on real food grocery shopping:

Once you begin to think about real food grocery shopping the next level is organic real food in your grocery list!  Organic fruits, vegetables, pastured beef, chicken, pork, lamb, ect.  For sure you must buy organic dairy!  I have heard it said that there is no difference in the nutrition between organic foods and conventional foods however consider this, “Dr. Virginia Worthington reviewed 1,230 published comparisons between organically grown and conventionally grown crops.  The results of her survey indicated that organic crops had a higher nutrient levels or lower levels of toxicity in 56% of the comparisons.”  Source -How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! Paul Chek pg 55

To recap, shop the outer perimeter of the store for fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy.  Organic is your best choice.  When considering dairy always take the organic.

So how are you doing your grocery shopping?  Is your cart full of real food or is it full of the highly processed, highly profitable foods that are in no way healthy for you?

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Real Food Grocery Shopping
Article Name
Real Food Grocery Shopping
Today I will share ideas on real food grocery shopping! According the Michael Pollen the grocery store can be treacherous. The grocery store is designed and layed out to get as much of your dollars as possible. From the music that is played each day, to the location of products and really the layout of the whole store.

5 thoughts on “Real Food Grocery Shopping

  1. Sara

    I always find the psychology behind the grocery store lure interesting. You can simply avoid it by shopping at Farmer’s Markets, Food Co-Ops, straight from the farm or CSA, or growing/raising it yourself. But it’s good knowledge to have. FYI: dried legumes are always in the centre of the store. And conventional milk and most meat from the grocery store are normally a bit scary.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Thanks for your contribution to the conversation on shopping for food! I totally agree that avoiding supermarkets is a good alternative. And yes legumes are in the centre of ths store mostly on the lower shelves! Like I said Organic milk is a must and at least look for the meats that are free of antibiotics and hormones if buying them at the supermarket! We are finding good local farmers who are delivering to the city limits for pick up. Definitely lots of alternatives just like you indicate! 🙂


    Now that was interesting.. Keep to the other edges….

    I will send the wife in with £50 keep to the edges…

    Hmm.. If I am not alive tomorrow you will know why lol

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Thanks for connecting and commenting. Keep me posted on results of the trip to the supermarket


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