Real Food, Why Eat It?

By | June 14, 2013

Real Food, Why Eat It? Is it True We Are What We Eat?

Why I am writing about why eat real food today?  Well there are actually a few reasons this topic has come to my mind this week.  The most important point on how important it is to eat real food is that it feeds the body in the way it was meant to be fed for good health.  The next reason is I have a little blue post it note hanging from my desk where I have written this, “Can You – Pick it, Pluck it, Milk it, Shoot it?” That is real food!   And the final reason I am compelled to write about real food today is I have been watching Dr. Randy Tent .  He made the point that food can not be made!  It can only  be grown or raised.

I see and hear so many individuals today who are very complacent when it comes to how they think about food.  Somehow food has become uncontrolable, unimportant and outsourced.  People seem to not care what poor quality food is doing to them.  There seems to be no realization that cheap food is not a good thing.  Now I don’t mean you have to go broke eating real food and I have found in fact that by making food at home that is quality, organic, purchased from the farm our food bill is far less than when we used to go out for dinner.

Dr. Osborne said this – ” You can not be healthy eating unhealthy food!”

So what are you eating?  Are you eating cheap subsidized food?  Corn, grains, soybeans, dairy to name a few.

What does your plate look like? Basically a neutral plate. NO color except a range of  beige.

 real food

Or does your dinner plate look like this? Colorful!

real food

So really why should you care?  Simple answer – you are what you eat! And there isn’t one expert today that doesn’t agree with the idea that what we eat is either making us healthy or sick! 

The cheap,  processed, packaged food choices are very simply not food!  Remember Dr. Tent – food can not be made, it can only be grown or raised.  It is real food when you can Pluck it, Pick it, Milk it, Shoot it.

Quite frankly is saddens me to watch the TV commercials for pet food, dog food more to the point that is wheat and soy free.  Pet food that has vitamins, minerals for “our pets good health’  yet the pet owners eat cheap, processed, packaged food without even a thought!  Pet owners giving their pets vitamins yet tell me they don’t believe in taking vitamins for their better wellbeing!  Pet owners who are not willing to stop eating wheat, grains because it would be hard yet they are providing their pets this exact diet because it is healthy!

Now is the time to eat real food!  Now is the time to stop eating the cheap, processed food that is simply providing no value for you or your health!

No matter what you have planned for your dinner this evening my challenge for you is to add a real food to your dinner plate!  A food that has either been grown or raised.  Start here and do it tonight and every night to begin your complete journey of real food!  Will you accept the challenge?

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Let today be your day! Talk soon,

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Real Food, Why Eat It? Is it True We Are What We Eat?
Article Name
Real Food, Why Eat It? Is it True We Are What We Eat?
The most important point on how important it is to eat real food is that it feeds the body in the way it was meant to be fed for good health. Learn more.,,

5 thoughts on “Real Food, Why Eat It?

  1. Bonnie Giller

    I encourage my clients every day to eat real food, vs. the processed. For some, it’s a challenge to make the change but when they do, they see how much better they feel.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      I do agree that is why I set out the challenge to add a real food to their meal and begin there. Small changes will get our clients seeing more permanent long term results. Thanks for connecting Bonnie!

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      I agree about the microwave Arla. We got rid of our microwave 10 years ago and have not missed it in any way. Real Food can be quick, easy and way more tasty than any processed, packaged food. 🙂 Thanks for connecting. Wendy

  2. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    Thanks for connecting Dana! Awesome to hear you are advising your clients in the same manner! 🙂


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