Real Foods- What are they?

By | August 14, 2013

Real foods- What are they?

Real  foods-what are they is the thought that has been rolling around in my mind recently.  You see I have a number of conversations on the topic of real food in the last few days and it has me wondering.  What are they?  Are Real Foods a category in the supermarket?  Are they foods only certain people eat?  How does real food differ from other foods?

real foods

As you can see I have many questions on this topic and they are simply not getting answered.  Not finding answers makes me wonder if it is an important topic for anyone today?

Have we become so disconnected to our food?  It seems to me that we might not even realize what real foods are today?  I feel part of the reason this has been on my mind is the journey I have taken to realize how vital eating real foods are to my own well being. Yet it is more than that.  It the story I hear from others how there is no time for real food, everyone is on the go.  Hearing things about wanting food to taste good and yet eating out of a box.

Nothing will ever taste as good as the real food cooked in your own kitchen.  Nothing and yet it seems all we hear is the opposite.  Whenever I see a box of food advertised on the T.V. it makes me wonder.  Beautiful people eating this boxed food and the script makes it sound amazing!  It’s not!

Real foods are the foods that you buy from the store or farmer, clean it and prepare it in your own kitchen, eat it raw or cook it in your own kitchen then enjoy it on a plate at your own table.

Since I have been on a gluten freee, wheat free, grain free way of eating this is how it happens in our house.  The most amazing thing is for the first time in my life food is delish!  The flavors of the real foods that come to our table are amazing.  The journey to get here has had it challenges yet it has been worth the ride.

Eating real foods at every meal, mostly in our home, prepared by us has given me a chance to see and feel the healing power of  foods. The power  to improve how I feel, how I look, how I  eat, my energy, my 25 lb weight reduction without even thinking about it.

Real Foods – they are the foods grown or raised. Anything else doesn’t fit into the real foods catagory!

What’s on your plate?  Is it real foods prepared by you?

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Let today be your day!  Talk soon,

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Real Foods - What Are They?
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Real Foods - What Are They?
Real foods-what are they? Are Real Foods a category in the supermarket? Are they foods only certain people eat? How does real food differ from other foods?

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