Remove Gluten Dairy Sugar in 21 Days Program

By | February 12, 2014

Remove Gluten Dairy Sugar in 21 Days Program

There seems to be hot topics on how important it is to remove gluten dairy and sugar from our diets however no real plan to accomplish this without feeling like you are missing out on everything that is amazing when it comes to food! Right?

remove gluten dairy sugar

Want to learn how to remove gluten dairy sugar in 21 days? Why would this be important for you well being? Today we know many of the “Diseases of Aging” are a result of Lifestyle Choices! Poor food quality, way too many processed, gluten, sugar and dairy that are not promoting health and wellbeing for you or your family! As we begin to consider our plans for a healthy 2014 I would like to introduce you to a program that will teach you how to remove gluten dairy sugar in 21 days that will definitely put you on the healthy track for next year!

Because one of the issues that I have wanted to share here is helping you realize how vital it is for your well being to remove gluten (and with that I mean wheat, grains and gluten), remove dairy and remove sugar. That means no more processed poor quality “gluten free foods”.

How will The Remove Gluten Dairy and Sugar in 21 Days Challenge program help you achieve a better understanding of what these foods may be doing to your health. You will also have support in a private Facebook group, learn new recipes and so much more.

Improve your health with the 21 Day Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Challenge – The program includes:

  • Week one we remove Gluten from our diets
  • Week two we remove Dairy from our diets
  • Week three we remove Sugar from our diets
  • Each Monday there will be a 1 hour live call with Shirley Plant with Q&A session. This will be recorded in case you miss the live call or wish to listen to the call again.
  •  Menu ideas and recipes for the full 21 Days in an easy downloaded pdf version. Plus a bonus document of recipes for upcoming holidays so you can stay GF,DF,SF during the holidays or special events
  •  Closed facebook group- for daily support from me and a community support system
  •  MP3 audio clip from Integrative Medical Specialist Dr. Richard Nahas M.D. founder of The Seekers Centre talking about why he recommends his patients go gluten free
  •  MP3 audio clip from Johanna Lynn, clinical hypnotherapist, providing a thirty minute hypnosis/relaxation to help with the stress and emotions that may arise when changing your diet.
  •  Bonus -a chance to win a one on one 30 minute consult with Shirley Plant- Author of Finally Food I Can Eat.
  •  Free access to the Challenge each time I run it, which is twice a year. Come back for a refresher and new recipes.

Check this out.  Meet your facilitator for the 21 day challenge Shirley Plant below.

In this short introduction you will learn:

  1. How many individuals actually have health issues with Gluten
  2. What percentage of the population is Lactose Intolerant
  3. You will learn what Toxic food is the #1 cause of Heart Disease
  4. You will learn Why Prepackaged Gluten Free Foods are Not the way to go for your health
  5. And you will learn what is included in the 21 Day Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Challenge

Powerful, right?  So who is the Challenge for? Are you ready to learn how to remove gluten, daily and sugar in 21 days?



  • Is gluten or lactose intolerant
  • Has Celiac disease
  • Wants to lose weight
  • Suffers from food allergies or sensitivities
  • Has fibromyalgia, arthritis, heart disease or diabetes

In addition to helping you say goodbye to “Buddha Belly” and tummy upset, the GDS-Free Challenge will help you to restock your pantry, ease meal prep and menu planning, including providing great recipes that your whole family will love. You’ll also learn what foods are great substitutes — and how to use them to make tasty meals and snacks.

It is said that people who have a performance coach are 91% more likely to follow through on their commitments and work to a higher level of success.  We all know that when we choose to meet someone else to do an activity, we usually do it.  It is not surprising then that when we join with a coach the same thing is true.  

Last but not least, you’ll become part of a helping, loving and enthusiastic community which has your best interest at heart. So, why not take the 21-Day Challenge today!  

This challenge  that is starting Feb. 17th, 2014, will show you how to remove gluten  dairy and sugar in 21 days so you can set yourself up for a fantastic, healthy 2014! Now is the time to plan.

Let me know if I can help.

Keep in touch simply by filling in your name and email below:


Let today be your day! Talk soon,


Go Here for The Remove Gluten, Dairy and Sugar in 21 Days Challenge  –  TAKE THE CHALLENGE

The Gluten Summit – Hosted by Dr. Tom O’Bryan  –  29 experts and opinion leaders gathered to prove to the world that it MUST ask, “Could health issues be caused by gluten?”


Is gluten the cause of your health problems? It very well could be. Fortunately, Dr. Tom O’Bryan has made it part of his personal mission to move this question into today’s conversations between patients and healthcare professionals. Asking it could, potentially, improve the lives of millions now instead of years from now, which is how long it often takes for groundbreaking research to make it to mainstream practice.

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Remove Gluten Dairy Sugar in 21 Days Program
Article Name
Remove Gluten Dairy Sugar in 21 Days Program
Learn how important it is to remove gluten dairy sugar from your diet. With a real plan to succeed! You will enjoy good food, learn beneficial recipes!

2 thoughts on “Remove Gluten Dairy Sugar in 21 Days Program

  1. TerriAnn @ Driving Mama

    I definitely think I’ll have to work up to this! We’ve had to go gluten-free due to my husband being diagnosed with Celiac. The adjustment hasn’t been THAT bad but I think I need to hold on to my dairy and sugar for a while 🙂

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      I have heard it said to me by a health practitioner many, many years ago that the foods that are the most difficult to give up are the foods that are doing the most harm to our bodies. Thanks for connecting.


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