Rocking Body Raw Food Review – The 14 Day Raw Food Diet and Cleanse

By | March 3, 2014

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Rocking Body Raw Food Review – The 14 Day Raw Food Diet and Cleanse

“Rocking Body Raw Food” is a complete online membership website program from Joy Houston. It includes over 100 videos and 75 recipes. Ms. Houston is a certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator. She has written two books and several digital books on raw food, health and nutrition. Her raw food system has three components: Alkalize, Energize and Enjoy. These elements allowed her to eliminate mood swings, and even get pregnant after many months of trying.

Rocking Body Raw Food Review

Followers of the system will be able to lose that last 10-20 pounds that everybody has trouble taking off. The program starts with a 14-day cleanse guided by Ms. Houston with specific meals for each day. She provides menu plans, food shopping lists, and tutorials that take you by the hand and show you exactly how to prepare the meals.

60-Day Membership Program

Why a 60-day membership program for a 2-week diet plan? It’s actually a good idea. You’ll need time to go through the extensive videos and other material. There are also a number of bonuses to help augment the program.

Raw Food Rocking Body is a timely program. Not long ago, many people thought a raw food diet was when Rocky downed six eggs as part of his training regimen. Now interest in raw foods is at an all time high. According to the Spokane Spokesman-Review newspaper, raw food began as a movement in California and grew in popularity as increasing numbers of people wanted to avoid over-processed commercial food while gaining more health and energy.

Members in Rocking Body Raw Food get access to a main dashboard that features three areas: Before You Begin, Rocking Body Diet and Resources.

Before You Begin Section

Before You Begin walks members through downloading the book, watching the first training videos, and explaining the first days of the diet. Further, she covers the basics of raw food and how your body benefits from the raw food approach.

Next, you’ll learn different tips and tricks from raw food professionals. One example is how to eliminate coffee from your diet. You’ll also see how to prepare and organize your kitchen for raw food preparation.

Rocking Body Diet Section

The Diet section features ready-to-shop lists, menu plans and instructions on how to prepare them in advance. There are only 4 “prep” days in the 14-day plan. For example, at times you’ll need to soak some nuts, grains and seeds. The plan shows you exactly when and for how long to soak these items. It’s simple and organized.

There are four columns in the menu plan: Veggie Drink, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Here’s good news: There are deserts, but they are hidden so you have to look for them. They are also completely optional.

One of the strengths of the program is the extensive use of videos. Each meal in the program comes with a video that features Ms. Houston showing how to prepare it. The next part is the Day by Day Guide with a simple chart showing where you are each day. You can click on any day to access the full menu. Shopping Lists is next. This area provides complete food lists you can take to the store to get the exact produce you need.

The Wrap-Up section is designed to show you how to integrate cooked food into your raw food diet, how to plan meals, as well as online connections with Ms. Houston to get additional recipes and seasonal eating tips.

Resources Section

The Recipe Index is the first part of the Resources section. From here, you can access any recipe in the program.

The Store has 4 sections: Groceries, Kitchen Tools, Supplements and Feed Your Mind. Members have permanent access to this area.

In the Bonuses area, you’ll find extra resources. The bonuses include 5 additional books. One is called Raw Deserts where you’ll learn how to create deserts without guilt–raw versions of popular deserts like Tiramisu, Chocolate Bars, and Ice Cream. Some members report that this section was instrumental in getting their families to even try raw food–soon they were hooked.

The last part of the Resources section is the Members Spotlight. Every day, members share success stories and updates to provide encouragement and community.

Pros of Raw Food Rocking Body include:

–Well organized and thorough. It covers everything from A to Z.

–Extensive use of video. There is no better way to teach and inspire.

–Excellent recipes that you won’t believe are raw food preparations.

–Community features to help boost camaraderie and commitment.

Cons include:

–The program is so extensive, it can seem a little overwhelming.

–You really need a good blender/juicer to make all the meals.

As commercial food become more processed and “enriched,” raw food will continue to gain new fans. Raw Food Rocking Body is a great way to get involved in raw food if you are not sure where to begin, or don’t know if you can prepare enough interesting dishes to keep your enthusiasm up over a long period of time. The videos are professional, clear and instructive. Ms. Houston is an able teacher with the ability to break down any concept into easy-to-understand terms. Add in a supportive community, and Raw Food Rocking Body is a winner. Get The Rocking Body Raw Food Program Here

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Rocking Body Raw Food Review - The 14 Day Raw Food Diet and Cleanse

4 thoughts on “Rocking Body Raw Food Review – The 14 Day Raw Food Diet and Cleanse

  1. Rachel Lavern@Online Biz Boomer Babe

    Although I have improved my eating habits (immensely), not ready to consider raw just yet.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Congrats on immensely improving your eating habits. Can totally appreciate not being ready to consider raw. Betting you do eat some raw now! Let me know if I can help.

  2. Bonnie Gean

    More power to you if you can watch 100 videos just to learn how to maintain a two week diet plan. Sounds excessive to me, but if it works for you — great!

    Good luck with the program!

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      It is actually a 60 day membership program that teaches those that want to move toward optimal health how to support your body through cleansing, preparing your kitchen, recipes with videos! The program has been designed for success. “Our bodies, Our relationships and Our futures will be won or lost with our food choices!” – Joy Houston Good luck with your health Bonnie Gean! Thanks for connecting and let me know if I can help


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