Small Wins For Your Healthy Lifestyle Transformation!

By | September 12, 2013

Small Wins For Permanent Change

I have been thinking of all the small wins a lot lately and how I began this gluten free wellness journey so many years ago.  Specifically, I found those small wins as I was eliminating gluten  in my first few msmall winsonths that kept me going all these years?  Beyond that, I want to share this idea with you. I hope you will find it easier to continue on your gluten free wellness journey successfully with the idea of small wins daily!

You see it is my feeling that finding a way to get those small wins in your tool box quickly is one way to continue the gluten free journey.  I have found over the years the things I have done that I succeeded at quickly are the things I am still doing today! It can be challenging in today’s world to live gluten free, there is no question about that.  Getting a few small wins in quickly will help you achieve long-term success for sure!

What Do Small Wins Look Like?

For example, It has now been over 16 years that I stopped drinking pop (soda, coca cola, diet coca cola) to be exact!  At the time I was not even sure if this is something I would be able to succeed at!  You see I was drinking about 2 Litres of diet pop a day.  Imagine, that is a lot of pop.  I was not drinking any water either.  So it is no wonder that I was not feeling so great.

When I started to think about quitting pop, I knew I had to have the small wins at this quickly so I replaced it with something that would be easy.  At that time I did enjoy the bubbles of the pop, so I decided my replacement beverage would be Perrier.  Now go ahead and talk about expensive.  Yet it didn’t matter to me.  If I didn’t quit the pop I simply knew somehow my health would be in big trouble.  It was something that I just felt at the time.  So I bought a case or two of Perrier a week. This was one of the small wins I had very early in the wellness journey that prompted me to continue on!

What I found was it was refreshing, still bubbly so that was something familiar and in fact, it was a drink at the time I began to enjoy.


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Start Where You Are For Your Small Wins

Now understanding that I knew it was not the BEST choice for replacement of pop, yet it was a great start so I could get the WIN in for a change!  Once the Perrier was a solid habit for me, my next step was to purchase a water filter and begin to have a glass or 2 of filtered water a day.

The point of this post is to share with you that it is really vital to have those small wins for a permanent change in your gluten free wellness journey.  What is it you are looking to change in your health and wellness?  Have you recently found out that you are gluten sensitive or maybe even Celiac?

Begin to with a small thing you can change right now!  One thing.  Do that. It might be as simple as eliminating bread from your diet for 30 days.  Succeed at that then move on to the next food that you will eliminate.

Then once that is done pick another one of those small wins and do that!

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Share your small wins in the comments below.  Be sure to get in touch if you have questions or I can help.

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Small Wins For Your Healthy Lifestyle Transformation!
Article Name
Small Wins For Your Healthy Lifestyle Transformation!
I have been thinking a lot lately of how I began this wellness journey so many years ago. Specifically I have been thinking how I found those small wins in my first few months that kept me going all these years?
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