Stop eating grains to lose weight

By | April 5, 2013

Stop eating grains to lose weight

Yesterday I posted a topic on Health Plateaus and the action step was committing to a 30 day experiment on eliminating wheat, grains and gluten from your diet.

So today I am very excited to present you an article from Charles Poliquin. “Charles is hailed as one of the world’s premier strength coaches,  he has successfully trained professional athletes and Olympians worldwide”  I have been following and learning from Charles Poliquin for a long time. I do find  his information to be leading edge, informative.

In this article Charles Poliquin in fact discusses Eliminate Grains From Your Diet To Lose Fat & Improve Your Health  This article indicates “the idea that everyone should eat grains is one of the biggest lies in mainstream nutrition.”  He simply suggests “Don’t Believe It.”

This is a very good article if you have been struggling with your weight and want to lose weight in a very easy, simple way.  I can say this because it is exactly what I did over a year ago.

In the video I go over the article.  You will hear how eating grains are associated with a bigger risk of heart attack than a high fat diet.  You will learn that some of the richest sources of fiber are in fruits, nuts and green vegetables so you don’t have to worry about missing out on nutrients.

Watch right to the end because in the last minute you will learn how simple it is to stop eating  grains to lose weight and improve your health!

At the beginning of this article there was a review of dietary grain intake points that were meant to convince you to consider stopping grain from your diet.

Are you willing to take action for the next 30 days to stop eating grains to lose weight?

Let me know by your comments below and Like and Share if there was value for you!

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7 thoughts on “Stop eating grains to lose weight

  1. Emily Wilke

    Great information! Now if I could just get myself to stop being a carb lover it might be easier to implement.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      In my reading prior to making the change to wheat, grain and gluten free I found the suggestion to increase the good fats to help reduce the cravings for sugar! I include organic coconut oil in my day and it was very simple to stop. Let me know if I can help. Best Regards, Wendy

  2. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    Thanks for connecting Jocelyn! So glad to hear you are finding a positive solution by going gluten-free! Keep at it and you will be most amazed and how great you will continue to feel. Let me know if I can help. Best Regards, Wendy 😉

  3. Jodene

    That’s some pretty scary and interesting stuff Wendy. It goes against what I have believe. I will definitely do some research – read the article and you know I’ll be watching your video too! I am a label reader and am looking for “whole grains”. Thank you for the info.
    ~ Jodene

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Let me know if I can help. Thanks for connecting! Wendy

  4. Wendy Bottrell Post author

    Nuts are a good fat and good for you! Since the idea of low fat as introduced obesity has been on the rise! Good fats will not make you fat! Olive oil, coconut oil to name a couple of good fats. Let me know if I can help.


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