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Food Revolution Summit 2015 – Free, Online Event

By | July 13, 2016

This post was last updated:13/07/16Tweet Food Revolution Summit 2015- Free, Online Event Joel Fuhrman and other leading food experts are giving their top insights in the Food Revolution Summit 2015 April 25-May 3. Listen for free and get empowered! OK, cool right? So now there’s somebody I want you to meet. His name is John Robbins. The co-founder… Read More »

Digestion Session Makes New Math 3 For 1

By | November 22, 2014

This post was last updated:22/11/14Tweet Digestion Session Makes New Math 3 For 1 This weekend The Digestion Session Makes new math 3 for 1 and that is really, really awesome for you! The Digestion Session is in the final round and encore day will happen tomorrow. There has been so many remarkable presentations it is very difficult to… Read More »

Real Food, Why Eat It?

By | June 9, 2017

This post was last updated:9/06/17Tweet Real Food, Why Eat It? Is it True We Are What We Eat? Why I am writing about why eat real food today?  Well there are actually a few reasons this topic has come to my mind this week.  The most important point on how important it is to eat real food is… Read More »

Choices for Health! Eating Real Food

By | February 12, 2015

This post was last updated:12/02/15Tweet Choices for Health! Eating Real Food Are there choices for health? How are the choices we make changing our future health? Earlier today I read an article and in very simple terms the author was indicating that our choices are affecting our health. What do you feel about this? For me I feel… Read More »

Cheating | Is Cheating, Cheating When It Comes To What Your Eat?

By | September 28, 2017

This post was last updated:28/09/17Tweet Is Cheating, Cheating? What do you think? Is cheating, cheating? What do you think? When I hear individuals tell me they are on some kind of restricted eating program and they have just cheated (eaten something not on the plan)  it makes me wonder who they feel they have just cheated?  Who have… Read More »