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What does Living Gluten Free Mean?

This post was last updated:9/06/17Tweet What does Living Gluten Free  Mean? What does gluten free living mean for your lifestyle transformation?  This thought has been percolating for me over the past few weeks. I see and hear many individuals who have been diagnosed as being gluten sensitive or Celiac, trying to live their old life in a new way.… Read More »

Women’s Gluten Free Health Summit Invite

This post was last updated:30/08/14Tweet Women’s Gluten Free Health Summit Invite This is your special invitation for the Women’s Gluten Free Health Summit, taking place online September 8 through the 12th, 2014 and it is FREE to register! Now I can only share how excited I am to be able to tell you about this event because when… Read More »

Gluten Free Information – The Gluten Summit

This post was last updated:22/11/13Tweet Gluten Free Information – The Gluten Summit The reason I have been so commited to sharing The Gluten Summit – Hosted by Dr. Tom O’Bryan is because Dr. Tom is the first person I listened to that shared gluten free information that I could understand and relate to my own health.  And that… Read More »

Go Gluten Free | Easily and Quickly With The Following Tips

This post was last updated:13/09/16Tweet Go Gluten Free Easily For Your Healthy Lifestyle Transformation! You realize that to regain your health you must go gluten free.  How do you do it easily, without too much overwhelm?  Today I will share some tips that worked for me as I began the journey to  go gluten free easily.  You may… Read More »

Your Brain on Gluten! What You Need To Know

This post was last updated:18/07/16Tweet Your Brain on Gluten! It seems most individuals think that gluten is a digestive health problem and yet today I want to share with you about your brain on gluten!  Not just a digestive issue! According to Dr. Rodney Ford, author of The Gluten Syndrome, gluten is addictive and our brains think they… Read More »

Gluten Free Eating! Are You Having Challenges?

This post was last updated:25/09/14Tweet Gluten Free Eating! Are You Having Challenges? Over the past few weeks I have been sharing some of the gluten free eating we do in our home.  Many of the meals have gotten really great attention on my Facebook page and in comments!  This has me to thinking if you are being challenged… Read More »

Gluten Free Muffin Recipe: Looks Delish & Tasty

This post was last updated:5/12/14Tweet Gluten Free Muffin Recipe: Looks Delish & Tasty Today I will share a gluten free muffin recipe that came across my desk this week.  I am not a real sweet eater however there are occasions when having a nice treat is the way to go.  As we are now full swing into summer… Read More »

Is Your Gluten Free Diet Frustrating You?

This post was last updated:18/11/13Tweet  Gluten Free Diet Frustrating You?   In researcing information about the Gluten Free Diet there are many things I have learned. Definitions: Gluten Allergy, allergy to gluten; the immune system does not like gluten. Gluten Intolerance now considered an inability to tolerate gluten; here the body simply cannot tolerate gluten. Gluten Sensitivity is… Read More »

Paleo Pancakes for Gluten Free Living

This post was last updated:16/10/14Tweet Paleo Pancakes for Gluten Free Living! When I made the committment to go completely gluten, wheat and grains free for my health and I can tell you how happy I was to find this paleo pancake recipe! So many people seem challenged by removing gluten, wheat and grains from their diet. This challenge… Read More »

Hidden Health Challenges With Gluten Sensitivity & Thyroid

This post was last updated:28/04/16Tweet Gluten Sensitivity & Thyroid – The Hidden Health Challenges? There seems to be hidden health challenges that are becoming more common today according to the experts . Having had so many symptoms of gluten sensitivity myself it is remarkable to me how many illnesses are in fact related to gluten. In fact Dr.… Read More »