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Gluten Sensitivity Explained

By | December 19, 2013

This post was last updated:19/12/13Tweet Gluten Sensitivity Explained Today I want to start at the beginning with gluten sensitivity explained.  There seems to be a huge disconnect with this health issue and the quality of modern grains. We hear almost daily, how healthy grains are in our diet are a good thing and yet soon you will see… Read More »

Gluten Sensitivity and Magnesium Deficiency

By | September 21, 2013

This post was last updated:21/09/13Tweet Gluten Sensitivity and Magnesium Deficiency In yesterday’s blog post I wrote about Magnesium Deficiency.  Today it is my intention to take that a step farther to share information on Gluten Sensitivity and Magnesium Deficiency. In this video Dr Peter Osborne explains Magnesium Deficiency.  What I like about Dr. Osborne is the way he… Read More »

Are cross reactive foods the problem?

By | November 6, 2013

This post was last updated:6/11/13Tweet  Are cross reactive foods the problem? Just the other day I was thinking about the possibility that cross reactive foods might be a challenge for my better health.  I first heard of the idea of cross reactive foods from Dr. Tom O’Bryan a few months ago.  Over the past few months I have… Read More »

Hidden Health Challenges With Gluten Sensitivity & Thyroid

By | April 28, 2016

This post was last updated:28/04/16Tweet Gluten Sensitivity & Thyroid – The Hidden Health Challenges? There seems to be hidden health challenges that are becoming more common today according to the experts . Having had so many symptoms of gluten sensitivity myself it is remarkable to me how many illnesses are in fact related to gluten. In fact Dr.… Read More »