Sacred Tattoos – Let’s Ink Up!

By | March 23, 2015

Sacred Tattoos – Let’s Ink Up!

 OK, so maybe you are thinking at this moment, WHAT? What on earth do sacred tattoos have to do with Lifestyle Transformation From The Inside Out? Well it is all about values! And the constant reminder we must provide for our minds to stay on track with our desires. And that is what these sacred tattoos have to do with lifestyle transformation. In fact last summer I shared Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Day Planner, go one for myself, and am really lovin the idea of planning my day for my values to focus on. Powerful! And so these sacred tattoos have the same values reminder benefit for you, your friends. 

Do you have any tattoos? Permanent? Henna? Or the temporary kind? Or have you never dabbled in any kind of ink at all? 

If you already have a tattoo, does it reflect the deepest desires of your heart? Or your aspirations for your future? The truth of your soul? If not, or if you’ve never inked yourself up, keep reading…

Danielle LaPorte has just released her first-ever Tattoo Collection. These are temporary tats of over a dozen of the most common Core Desired Feelings plus the ultra-hot metallic gold Sacred Geometry collection, too. (Made in the USA and 100% FDA-approved.) Here are a few pics:(well one for now more coming)

 sacred tattoos

Adorn your body with words and symbols that speak to the heart of your secret wishes and intentions. Or just glance at them on your arm (or on your belly or another secret place) and think: “Yep, that’s what I am.” These tats would also make great gifts. 

More tattoos HERE

Have some fun. Wear inspiring and soulful art on your body – because that’s what you are, and that’s what you deserve. 

What a fun and fantastic idea! Check them out and let me know how you feel about them? Share your comments below. Talk soon,

Sacred Tattoos - Let’s Ink Up!
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Sacred Tattoos - Let’s Ink Up!
What on earth do sacred tattoos have to do with Lifestyle Transformation From The Inside Out? Everything! Simple,beautiful reminders to live your desires

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